It is a special privilege to commence this essay writing with a quotation from one of the tiniest but yet mightiest works of the late Professor Chinua Achebe and this book I’m afraid sold like a hot cake whilst yours faithfully was only in form 1 at the Teachers College […]

By William Ikhianosimhe Orbih.   I hereby endorse Tinubu for president, and I Intent to explain why in three brief points. Endeavor to read before you eat me raw! First, nothing can be worse than Buhari. Buhari is the worst possible, as far as the presidency of a modern nation […]

By Emmanuel Onwubiko.    Basically, when people out of righteous indignation exclaimed that Nigeria is a scam, do not conclude that they are unpatriotic.  By the way, patriotism is not to accept half measures from elected officials or to operate with the mindset that ‘if you can’t beat them, you join […]

By Emmanuel Onwubiko.   Yesterday being December 23rd 2021 is a date I set out of my house in Abuja to head to the Airport to catch my long scheduled flight to Owerri, Imo State, via the Airline that is known as Airpeace but has become anything but peaceful and […]

By Emmanuel Onwubiko.    Campaigns by different groups from all over the country for political succession in 2023 of the presidency- The highest political position in the Africa, have intensified. Multi sectoral and multi dimensional campaigning platforms are springing up in their numbers just as Northern Nigeria seems to be […]

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