By Ike C. Ibe

Let Ihedioha Be
    Ike C. Ibe

    On May 29th majority of Imo people heaved a sigh of relief. They welcomed a new government and said ‘old things shall pass away”. Governor Emeka Ihedioha has taken off on a systematic journey. A strong professional cabinet is in place. Several adhoc committees have done great jobs. The train of a purposeful government has rolled off the station.

    Any responsible government will look at certain aspects of the past government and see how and why things went wrong. Ihedioha has called and addressed a stakeholders forum of all segments of IMO people. He has talked about what he met on ground and we all heard. Following election promises and general yearnings, two extremely critical committees have been set up judicially by his government to look at land issues and contracting practices of past governments.

    It would have been a travesty of justice if these commissions of inquiry were not set up. Every concerned citizen should go to these commissions. The commissions must be swift and firm. Quick and just. No innocent person should be afraid and no guilty person should be spared.

    Men and women with writing prowess are all over the place. The good, the bad and the ugly. We are inundated everyday by literary crossfires. Everyone should now stop talking about the past government and focus on genuinely helping the new government . The commissions, the EFCC and the courts are now talking about the past.

    Our role now as citizens should be to find the deck and put our hands on it to ensure that Ihedioha runs a government that will wipe the people’s tears. Let’s stop talking about the past. It is very painful and very traumatic. It’s like holding sad memorial services everyday reliving the sadness of yesterday. The future is more important than the past.

    Let Ihedioha Be
      Ike C. Ibe, with Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State

      Ihedioha is the present and the future. Okorocha is past and history. His history has just begun. He wrote it himself. Grandstanding does not change any history. History is made and written only when you were the present and by your actions. The present is now in someone else’s hands. Let’s all forget hatchets and the holders.

      I’m only interested in the judgement of that history. We saw it everyday. We live here. We still live here. The Augean stable is bleeding. The state is weeping. May God help us all and stop us from distracting Ihedioha with our mouths and keyboards. The commissions and the courts will talk to us. They should talk sooner than later.





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