GLAM SURPRISE: Making Money out of Surprising People


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Glam Surprise

    For the average mind, leaving a lasting memory one can never forget as a way of putting food on the table could be said to be a fiction. May be, one of those things we see in the movies. But Miss Pamela Ochanya Mathias; the CEO of GLAM SURPRISE is one lady who does just that. She makes a living out of surprising people on their special days and has been in the business in Abuja for about a year now.

    Apparently Miss Pamela seems to be enjoying herself. In a chat with The World Satellite, the entrepreneur, student and model enthused: “There is nothing as fulfilling as leaving a lasting memory one can never forget, this is why I introduced a brand called GLAM SURPRISE. As the name implies (glamorous surprise), the whole idea is to help celebrate loved ones on their special days such as birthday, wedding anniversary etc., in a surprising way. Imagine waking up to a gSo far, it has been a beautiful experience managing the brand not only has it been fun but it has been good business”.

    Glam Surprise
      Miss Pamela Ochanya Mathias

      Designer, planner, consultant and founder; Miss Pamela, who calls herself the ‘Universal Personal Assistant’ believes that experience is everything. According to her, Glam Surprise have had the pleasure of planning surprise birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and corporate luncheons for clients in a way they thought where impossible to achieve, except they take time off work to do.

      No doubts, planning, designing and executing a corporate event or wedding takes professional expertise, but for Miss Pamela, putting together a big surprise party and making sure the person who knows nothing about it will be thrilled by everything from the decor to the guest list requires an extra set of skills. “This is where the skills of a good and extraordinarily qualified surprise event planner such as Glam Surprise is needed”, she added.

      According to the 23 year old, planning an event and ensuring its smooth execution is a very laborious task, which requires a certain set of skills. Skills that generally involve being akin to spies with tons of articulation in planning and organization.

      “Great interpersonal skills are the key to successful surprise planners. It requires a very special kind of person who is compassionate and professional at the same time. Surprise event planner must be reachable at all times, so as to keep the anxiety levels of their clients at bearable levels; for it is no secret that planning surprise events can much more stressful than generally assumed.”, Miss Pamela added.

      Continuing, the 2017 Face of Tecno Mobile noted that despite the necessity of keeping everything top secret, the host needs to be certain the honoree will appreciate details such as the venue, the food, the cocktails and the theme. “Careful planning will help ensure the event, whether corporate or private, will come off without a hitch and excite everyone involved. If it’s going to be a surprise, make sure it’s a good one.

      “People think it’s going to be easy to whip out a surprise party. To do it well, it takes a lot of planning and foresight. Remember, it’s all about the honoree, and it’s the job of the event designer to get the host to put his or her ego and wishes aside to keep the focus on what the guest of honor would most like”, Pamela explained.

      Conclusively she informed that becoming a great party planner can be extremely rewarding, both, personally and on the professional front because it gets one an opportunity to build emotional connectivity with a number of people each other.


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      1. She is wonderful and does the job perfectly well. I see her as a young lady with so much ambition. How she put all her energy to give that glamorous surprise that makes people shade tears of joy is what baffles me.

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