STEALING THEIR STYLES, with Nifty Gowns Store

Stealing Their Styles, With Nifty Gowns Store

By The World Satellite.

Over a long period of time, celebrities have obviously dictated the trend in fashion and style not only in Nigeria but the world over.

It is not uncommon to see people going for a type of suit, a tie or a pair of shoes worn by a music star or a famous actor in a musical video regardless of how weird or expensive it may be.

In a recent opinion poll conducted by this column, on celebrities and their fashion style, 13 out of 20 youths (ages between 18 to 30) admit that they tend to copy their favorite movie or music stars when it comes to choosing a style of dressing.

The remaining number use either their personal discretion or suggestions from peers and relations. Ironically, another statistic from 20 other older people aged between 35 and 50, show that the hype they see on TV or on the pages of magazines do not influence them at all.

Stealing Their styles, with Nifty Gowns Store

    That automatically goes to show that younger people are more prone to copying celebrity styles. But there is a danger attached to it.

    According to the CEO of Nifty Gowns Store; Feyishina Ojomo, in trying to look like people they see on TV, these copycats tend to become unaware of the fact that different people have different body types, both in shape and in size. Some designs may fit one, while some may not.

    “Besides, most of the designs we see on TV or Magazine pages, worn by the stars are strictly meant for show and may look weird on one that is not a celebrity.

    “Perhaps that is the reason why we see all kinds of fashion blunders by seemingly fashionable people. Those I have interviewed rightly testified to seeing some other individuals on a number of occasions, enter into public gatherings or even business meetings looking like clowns in search of crowns”, Miss Feyishina explained

    Stealing Their Styles, with Nifty Gowns Store
      Feyishina Ojomo, CEO of Nifty Gowns Store

      Undoubtedly, as fashion pundits will say, the highest compliment a man can receive on his cloths isn’t; “what a good suit” but “you look great in that suit”. Therefore, for the Nifty Gowns Store’s Boss, instead of copying one celebrity out there because he wore a pink suit and green shoes on a red-carpet occasion the other night, why not just try and look good by simply selecting styles that are cut to your configuration.

      “Enduring a lot of try-on-and-error in front of a mirror might help, or better still seek advice from a friend or spouse on your dressing when going out for any engagement”, she added.

      By and large, depending on how one lives, one’s fashion style should suit and express one’s personality rather than trying to portray something one is not. The idea is to present the best version of you, not anyone else’s.



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