Quick Tips to Maintaining a Youthful Skin

‘Beauty’ they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, but as far as human memory stretches, people have searched and found the secret of eternal youthfulness. While some have set off on a quest to find the mythical spring that allows anyone who will drink from it to remain ever young.

These days we all want to stay young or even look young for as long as life can allow us. More and more people are now choosing plastic and cosmetic surgery in this day and age just to remain beautiful and young; but too bad no amount of surgery will ever get one to look like they were during their teen age.

Quick Tips to Maintaining a Youthful Skin
    Ebereuche Fortunate; Face of Glamorous Models Africa (Photo: Glamorous Models Africa)

    It is a natural part of life that everyone must age, and the only way to stay happy is to accept it. But your desires and attempt to look good and stay young however should not be given up, and moreover one can never look just the same as you were some years back. But to help you look as young as possible, here are some tips:

    Good Moisturizer:

    The older one gets, the more the skin tends to hold less onto moisture. You need to replace or refill what is lost with a good moisturizer, apply to your neck with upward sweeps of your hand to avoid sagging on the neck region and your back.

    Using a good eye cream to treat under-eye bags and at most eight hours of sleep at night will help to keep dark circles away.

    Sun Exposure:

    Long-term exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays will give your skin a very dry and wrinkled appearance. Again, spending long time under the sun also increases your risk of skin cancer; liberally apply a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 25, half an hour before going out.

    Stop Smoking:

    According to research from around the world, it is confirmed that smoking speeds up the aging process. Smoking causes a narrowing of the blood vessels in the top layer of the human skin, thereby restricting the flow of blood and impairs the skin’s ability to regenerate.

    Quick Tips to Maintaining a Youthful Skin
      Miss Ebereuche (Photo: Glamorous Models Africa)

      Essential nutrient and oxygen which the skin needs are not being delivered. As a result of pursing the lips when inhaling, fine lines appear around the eyes as smokers tend to squint to keep out the smoke.

      Choosing the Right Make-Up

      Skin type varies from normal to oily skin and dry skin. Therefore, one needs to know which skin type one has when choosing foundation. Foundation comes in a wide range of shades and also comes in powder form.

      Used as a base and one of the first products you apply, it tends to settle in lines and wrinkles. It evens out the skin and covers the less challenging blemishes. It can be applied using a liquid foundation brush or make-up sponge.

      Black eyeliner or black mascara on the lower eyelids can emphasize dark circles – so please avoid them. Eye shadows are used to put color on and around the eye area. Brighter ones help to illuminate and lighten while the dark ones contour and bring focus to certain parts of the eyes.

      Lipsticks and lip liners give color to lips whether to emphasize the contours or to shape into thinner appearance. They work in great tandem to highlight your lips into how you want it to look for every given occasion.




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