The Society is Driven by the Existence of Women; – Queen Tor Gloria

The Society is Driven by the Existence of Women; - Queen Tor Gloria

By The World Satellite.


Queen Tor Gloria; the current holder of Miss Charity Ambassador – Royal Queen has called on stakeholders to take proactive steps in tackling the persistent barriers against gender quality and recognize the enormous potentials of women as the society is driven by their existence.

The graduate of Mass Communication, who made this call during a media parley with The World Satellite on the occasion of the International Women’s Day Celebration expressed that given their enthusiasm, managerial abilities in building a formidable home and the society at large, women have the potential to contribute immensely to the socio-economic development of a nation.

“There is need therefore to create an enabling environment and opportunities for the socio-economic empowerment of women”, Queen Gloria added.

Continuing, Miss Gloria frowned at that fact that despite these inherent attributes, women empowerment is still a burning issue in the polity. According to her, this is in recognition of the vast number of women with little or no education and skills to enable them support their livelihoods or to become active in the mainstream economy of the country.

The Society is Driven by the Existence of Women; - Queen Tor Gloria
    Queen Tor Gloria; Current Miss Charity Ambassador – Royal Queen

    “The problem is further exacerbated by the alarming high number of our women who are either unemployed or under-employed”, she explained.

    While reckoning the challenges facing the contemporary women, the 23-year-old informed that women face limited access to credit to capitalize their micro-informal businesses. “In spite of having brilliant business ideas, the women and girls are sometimes regarded as high-risk clientele group as they do not have the prerequisite collateral.

    “They often cannot access project funding from the formal financial institutions. This has left the women and girls stuck in the vicious poverty cycle as their businesses remain merely aspirational and micro in nature, providing income for subsistence purposes only.

    “Certainly, efforts to design and implement practical programmes to generate decent employment, reduce poverty among women and girls and economically empower them to play a more meaningful role in the development and fulfillment of their communities and the nation at large is timely, as it is the catalyst for family and societal values recovery”, she said.

    The Society is Driven by the Existence of Women; - Queen Tor Gloria
      Queen Tor Gloria

      On-the-one-hand, Queen Tor Gloria who has been upbeat at discovering and encouraging talented female youths in Nigeria and beyond to participate effectively in championing charity campaigns and development in Nigeria underscored that girls are disappointed with the stewardship of our planet, the unabated violence directed against them and the slow pace of change in fulcrum issues like education.

      Asserting that policies are needed that will promote equality in childcare responsibilities and provide State support to families, and those who work in the informal economy, she cited as cause for hope, growing support in tackling gender-bias barriers; a ‘driving will’ for change across generations and countries, while adding that the last 25 years “have shown us what is needed to accelerate action for equality.

      “We don’t have an equal world at the moment and women and girls are angry and concerned about the future. They are radically impatient for change. It’s an impatience that runs deep, and it has been brewing for years”, the beauty queen concluded.

      Specifically, the International Women’s Day, celebrated every March 8, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

      As a massive year for gender equality, under the theme: Generation Equality, the United Nations seek to mobilize to realize women’s right and to mark 25 years of implementing the Beijing Platform for Action – the historic and landmark gender equality plan drawn up in the Chinese capital.

      By and large, Generation Equality is focusing on issues facing women across generations, with young women and girls at the center.


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