By Adoiyi Paul.   Your bedroom should be the most restful place on earth, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It should be very calm, peaceful and quiet. Even if you stay in a single room apartment, a few but easy rearrangement or changes around your room […]

By Agbonsuremi Okhiria .   Covid 19 has, and will change things forever around the world. Many airlines will not fly again. Some airlines in Europe are already raising the red flags. Many other businesses will not come back unless government will help with some re-start packages. The economies of some […]

Recently, African migrants in Guangzhou, China allegedly faced a rising tide of discrimination as a result of coronavirus fueled xenophobia. HENRY TYOHEMBA writes on the array of threats confronting China-Africa relationship. Having reportedly contained coronavirus within China, concerns have grown in the past weeks over the so called second wave […]

By The World Satellite.   Despite the supply chain constraints involved in simultaneous nationwide delivery and distribution of medical items at this period, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)-led Oil and Gas Industry coalition is determined to extend the Industry intervention to all states of the federation, with Abuja, Rivers […]

By Ucheka Anofienem.   Particularly painful is the conspiracy built around Melinda and Bill Gates. You probably have seen where a certain Femi Fani Kayode was cursing and insulting Melinda Gates while quoting her out of context on ‘dead bodies on streets of Africa’? What Bill Gates said was that […]


By Ojobo Adoyi Paul.   Sofas are something we spend a lot of time shopping around for. We want something comfortable and great-looking. However, they sure do take a lot of beating over the years. If you were to look under your couch cushions, you would probably find all sorts […]


By The World Satellite.   Centre for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASD Africa); a Youth-led Non-governmental Organisation has continued to take steps in demonstrating its commitment to peace building, quality education, entrepreneurship and leadership development. In the group’s bid to complement the effort of the government of Sierra Leone […]