Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; – Sarah Benz

Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz

By Kennedy Eberechi.


African women have long been getting it wrong with artificial facial cosmetics and as a result, facial disorders are becoming a normal part of our beautiful black skin. Its time for us to consider the use of natural products because of the safety they offer our skin so that, even when we try them out, we have nothing to loose.

In the bid to get the best facial look, we have done ourselves more harm than good by diverting our attention from enhancing our skin to hiding facial defects caused by artificial cosmetics. Quite a number of the ladies simply make haste to buy creams they feel suit the skin of another, judging the efficacy of a cream on its price tag without realizing that a pricey jar of cream doesn’t necessarily give beautiful complexion. Smooth shining skin is not only a sign of good health but good grooming, which can be totally and safely achieved by going the natural way.

Against this backdrop, a skin therapist and an ex-beauty queen; Miss Sarah Akaazua, better known as Sarah Benz has enthused that every woman young and old desire the look of a super model without having to hid behind masks and layers of foundation powder.

Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz
    Miss Sarah Benz; Ex-Beauty Queen, Entrepreneur, Model, Dancer and Student

    The former Queen of Benue Tourism noted this during an exclusive chat wherein she expressed that while water therapy is still essentially important for enhancing a good skin glow, nutritionists have discovered that one could actually feed one’s skin by using nature’s gifts, which are readily available in the closest market or farm.

    “Now, whether your skin is virgin or badly damaged, nature has something in store for you. So before making a list of facial care products you use regularly, sit back and consider these easy guidelines that are sure to give you a hundred percent face glow and leave you with a dazzling facial complexion”, she said.

    Highlighting the guidelines, the Benue-born entrepreneur who manufactures organic soap, pink lip balm and glow oil for all skin types advised thus: “Carefully take into consideration your age and skin type before choosing your skin care products. This is because facial cosmetics that would work wonders in youths might not be as effective in adults or the aged. It is therefore wise to update your face care essentials, especially when its efficacy at a certain stage in your life is questionable”.

    Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz

      Continuing, Miss Benz; who is also a runway and pageant model recommended that the best way to ensure your skin remains supple, smooth and blemish free for a life time entails the morning and evening routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

      “To get your desired result, doing this twice daily wouldn’t be going over board as cleansing will remove your entire make up residue, toning unclogs your pores while moisturizing will protect, soften and nurture your skin.

      Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz
        Sarah Benz; Queen of Benue Tourism 2018/2019

        “You can’t get a good result when you do your facials haphazardly so, here is your chance to learn these correct methods. Start doing your regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine by applying and removing products from the face using smooth outward movements.

        “Mind you, it is absolutely unsafe to rub harshly as doing this pulls your skin and promote wrinkles. Applications of skin care products should always begin from the centre of your face, moving outwards to the right or left.

        “Because of the tender nature around the eyes, care should be taken as you move from the inner part of the brow directly above the nose outwards to the side of the eyes. Carefully return inwards beneath the eye at the lower lid region back to the nose area.

        “Now take your hands to the sides of the nose and move downwards, curving slightly towards the ears. Ensure that all movements on your face terminate at the ears to enhance excretion of excess oil.

        “Listen again, each time you get to the ear lift your hands away from your facial skin and place it at the starting point for the next move. You will surely get the look of your life, so make it worth the while. It is never too early nor too late, you can look the best even now”, miss Sarah demonstrated.



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