The Post Covid-19 Realities


By Agbonsuremi Okhiria .


The Post Covid-19 Realities

    Covid 19 has, and will change things forever around the world. Many airlines will not fly again. Some airlines in Europe are already raising the red flags. Many other businesses will not come back unless government will help with some re-start packages.

    The economies of some countries will come to ruin. Mono economic nations will suffer most. There will be fresh wealth definitions and distribution. The world order will begin to shift and wise nations will fare better to look inwards rather than the outside for the discovery of their wealth and sustenance.

    Some governments will collapse and poverty will hover around those who once depended on corruption, cheap patronages and influence peddling. The reality is here.
    It will not be the same again. Infrastructure will suffer and raw crimes will rise.

    Nigeria and many third world nations will be hard hit. African nations will learn new lessons and the wise ones will discover their hidden wealths, talents and use of their potentials.
    The states to survive in Nigeria will be those that will face the reality and begin collaboration with others to reduce cost.

    The Post Covid-19 Realities
      Agbonsuremi Okhiria; Executive Director, Progressive Impact Organization for Community Development, PRIMORG

      I see many states not being able to pay workers’ salaries in the next few months and the restiveness and agitations will increase. The quest for true federalism will shift from debates to actions.
      This is the time Nigeria needs leadership. The alternative will be lawlessness and the battle for survival.

      Will the government read the situation well and prepare its citizens for the impending challenges?
      Can we begin a re-mapping of our natural resources around agriculture, technology, the people, and our beautiful weather and environment.?

      This is the time to get our best brains forward. This is the time to bury our differences and crave for unity like never before. At the level of individuals, we are likely to be on our own. Government will not be able to reach everyone. The world will not, and cannot help us much. We must grow our own solutions.


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