10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sleeping Paradise

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sleeping Paradise

By Adoiyi Paul.


Your bedroom should be the most restful place on earth, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It should be very calm, peaceful and quiet. Even if you stay in a single room apartment, a few but easy rearrangement or changes around your room can help you improve the feel of your bedroom and make it a true sleeping heaven.

Check out the following:

1. Allowing fresh air into the room all times. Choose rooms with windows for cross and natural ventilation and if there are no windows, break the wall. Do what you must but please let the fresh air in. it will help you sleep faster and is more relaxing. If you doubt this, try sleeping outside. Air conditions and ceiling fans also improve air circulation in the room.

2. Electronic gadgets such as radios and televisions should not be in the room or anywhere near it. You can keep them in the toilet if you wish but keep it out of the bedroom.

3. Put that phone off. You may be having sweet dreams and then your phone rings. When you wake, you may find it difficult to return to sleep.

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sleeping Paradise

    4. When painting, use only colours that provide a sense of calmness for your bedroom. Green and blue are most recommended because they are closely associated with nature. Avoid bright and loud colours such as pink and yellow and before I forget, avoid black as well.

    5. The bedroom should never be next to the living room unless the house is built with sound proof walls. This may not be an option if you are renting a house especially if you stay in a face me I face you and you have neighbours with loud stereo sets. The solution is simple…GET ANOTHER HOUSE

    6. keep your room as dark as possible. if you are afraid of the dark, call ghost busters.

    10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sleeping Paradise

      7. Keep your room well arranged and organized. Keep the cloths neatly arranged.

      8. Bed sheets and blankets must be soft and made of 100% cotton. Pillows should be soft and tempting to lay the head on.

      9. Closet and bedroom doors must be properly fitted so as to avoid a rattling noise when someone opens or closes the door while you are asleep.

      10. Keep all documents, books and computers out of the bedroom. It is a place to sleep and not to work. If you want to work at home then get a sperate room for that.

      These are just a few out of a million ways of making your bedroom a sleeping heaven. Try them out today, I guarantee 100% satisfaction.


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