Specific Leather Products and Their Care Techniques

More Leather Products and Their Care Techniques

By Favourite Collections.


Last week, we talked about the everyday Care and storage of our Leather products. Today we will be looking at the specific leather products and their care techniques. This is because everyday care and thoughtful storage will go a long way in maintaining the life of your favourite leather bag, however, specific products may require different care techniques.

Leather Handbags

Although it’s tempting to leave our handbags packed with our daily essentials ready for the next day, take the time to empty them to avoid warping. Once empty, you can maintain the handbag’s silhouette by gently filling it with plain, acid-free tissue paper.

If you are planning to leave your bag in storage for an extended period (until next season, for example) you might also like to take the time to wrap hardware such as zips and clasps in tissue paper to avoid them creating any unwanted imprints on your leather.

The next stage is to cover your bag, preferably in the dust bag with which it arrived – these are cut to the right size to avoid squashing and warping. If you no longer have the original dust bag, a white cotton pillowcase can be an ideal substitute – avoid using a coloured fabric to avoid the colour transferring.

Specific Leather Products and Their Care Techniques
    Favour Egbune; CEO of Favourite Collections

    Once covered, place your covered handbag away from direct sunlight and artificial sources of heat. Be sure to stand it on its base rather than hanging it up, as this can stretch the handles. Additionally, take care to choose a spot that is tall enough to allow the handles to stand up unimpeded. Doing otherwise can cause them to become bent or misshapen.

    When you have taken such care with your handbag at home, it is important to extend the consideration to other environments. Invest in a handbag hook to keep your bags safe and away from dirty, rough floors and surfaces.

    Leather Purses

    Purses come in a variety of sizes and silhouettes to accommodate your needs. Select a style that fits your requirements and decreases the risk of stretching the leather by not overfilling its various pockets, compartments and card slots.

    When carrying your purse in a handbag, you can prevent scratches and imprints simply by storing your purse in a separate compartment or a designated zip pocket in the lining. It’s good practice to gently wipe or brush your purse regularly to remove the daily build-up of dust and dirt which can build up

    Leather Travel Bags

    While leather travel bags are designed with durability and the wear and tear of travel in mind, there are a few easy steps you can take to preserve the quality and finish of your suitcase, cabin bag or weekend bag.

    Before and after travel, when your bag is in your care, always stand it on its wheels or protective feet rather than on its side to minimise contact with the floor. In transit, make use of a protective luggage cover to avert the possibility of scratches when your travel bag is in the hold or overhead compartment.

    In between trips, empty your travel bag and store it in its protective bag in a spot that comfortably accommodates it without the need for folding handles or tightly packing it against any other accessories


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