Game-Changing Beauty Hacks with Vaseline

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Game-Changing Beauty Hacks with Vaseline
    Smooth a little Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve always got a tube or tin of Vaseline hanging out at the bottom of every purse and a quickly depleting jar sitting in your medicine cabinet or right on your sink. But did you know you can use it for so much more than just chapped lips? Check out these so-simple, expert-approved beauty hacks with Vaseline.

    1. Keep perfume from fading. Rub Vaseline on your wrists and behind your ears to make your perfume last longer.

    2. Soothe dry heels. Summer sandals plus the sun and sand can make the skin on your feet super dry and flaky. Spread Vaseline on your feet before you go to bed, and cover with fuzzy socks. You’ll wake up with soft skin that will look and feel like you got a pedicure.

    3. Remove eyelash glue. Rocking faux lashes for a big event? It can be tricky to get them off without pulling out your natural lashes, too. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your lash line and the falsies will come off much easier.

    4. Perfect your manicure. Line your nails with Vaseline before you paint them. The jelly will keep the polish from spreading outside your nail.

    5. Make your legs glow. Mix Vaseline with your favourite liquid bronzer. Spread the formula on your legs for a shiny, glowy look.

    Game-Changing Beauty Hacks with Vaseline
      Model: Favour Egbune; CEO of Favourite Collections

      6. Get thicker-looking lashes. You don’t even need mascara to get lush lashes. Apply a little Vaseline to your lash line for a shiny, voluminous look.

      7. Keep nail polish lids from drying shut. Spread Vaseline around the inside of the polish lid for super-easy opening next time you use it.

      8. Put pierced earrings in more easily. Do you know how when you haven’t worn earrings for a while, it can be hard to get them through the hole? Sometimes, it hurts! Rub Vaseline on your lobes, and you’ll have a much easier time.

      9. Hide split ends. If your hair looks fried, rub a little Vaseline through your ends. You can fake smooth ends until you get a haircut.

      10. DIY a lip stain. Mix a packet of Kool-Aid (like cherry!) with a tablespoon of Vaseline. When you apply it to your lips, the balm will give you a red lip that lasts.

      11. Protect your skin from hair dye. If you’re coloring your hair from a box, it’s easy to get dye on your forehead or around your ears. Vaseline blocks the color from seeping into your skin, so apply a little around your hairline first.

      12. Tame your brows. Keep unruly eyebrows in place by smoothing Vaseline over your arches. They won’t move all day long.

      13. Highlight your eyelids and cheeks. Using a bit of Vaseline is a super affordable way to get the dewy look when you don’t have a highlighter handy. Dab it on your brow bones, lids, or the apples of your cheeks.


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