More Leather Products and Their Care Techniques

More Leather Products and Their Care Techniques

In our last edition, we dealt with how to care for some specific leather products such as handbags, purses, and travel bags. In this edition, we shall continue with how to take care of our leather products by looking at some other specific leather products.

Leather Briefcases: 

Maintain a briefcase’s refined and professional finish by taking care to stand it up on the protective brass feet whenever possible – this will avoid unnecessary wear on the leather.

Avoid putting excess strain on its zips and hardware by not overfilling it with heavy laptops and contents. If you are required to pack your briefcase within a larger travel bag when working overseas, ensure it is safeguarded within a protective bag.


Given that we wear gloves during a season of unpredictable weather, they are often exposed to a variety of elements. Should your gloves get wet from snow or rain, allow them to dry naturally away from sunlight and any artificial heat such as radiators.

If you happen to drop a glove and need to clean it, begin by gently wiping it down with a soft brush or cloth. Next, prepare a solution of soap flakes and hot water. Wear the affected glove as you normally would and use a sponge to clean the area.

Take care not to oversaturate the leather and dab away any excess water. Once clean, leave your glove or gloves to dry in a cool, dry place, putting them on from time to time will help to maintain their shape.

More Leather Products and Their Care Techniques

    Albums and Journals

    Leather albums and journals often preserve precious memories, so it is important to preserve the books themselves. To achieve this, wash your hands before handling them so as not to transfer any residue or dirt to the leather surface. We also advise that you polish or buff them with a clear wax to hydrate and maintain the leather covers.

    When storing your cherished albums and journals on a shelf, keep them out of direct sunlight and give your shelves room to breathe. Books stacked on shelves too tightly may crack at the spine, while books stacked too loosely may sag and warp.

    Aim for gentle support and, when removing them from the shelf, it is important to pull from the middle, as hooking your finger over the top of the spine can create a stretched and misshapen finish.


    As belts are an accessory that many of us wear every day, it is important to rotate them to extend their lifespan. Identifying the correct fit will also support their longevity; preventing stretching.

    When not wearing your belt, gently wipe away any dust or debris and hang it by the buckle in a cool, dry space away from direct heat or sunlight. By allowing a belt to hang flat rather than rolling it up, you will avoid any imprints from the hardware and maintain its original shape.



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