Yeast Infection and Why It Is Recurring

Yeast Infection and Why It Is Recurring

Yeast infection also known as vaginal candidiasis is caused by a yeast called candida. Candida can also be found in the mouth, throat, gut, and vagina without causing any problems. Candida can cause an infection if conditions change inside the vagina to encourage its growth.

Things like hormones, medicines, or changes in the immune system can make infection more likely. The common term for candidiasis in the vagina is a vaginal yeast infection. Other names for this infection are vaginal candidiasis, vulvovaginal candidiasis, or candida vaginitis.

Studies have shown that 75% of women will get at least one yeast infection in their lifetime, and up to 8% get more than four infections a year

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Yeast infections with discharge look thick and white, like cottage cheese. Other symptoms of a vulvovaginal yeast infection include

  • Itching, burning, or irritation of the vagina or vulva, which is the tissue surrounding the vagina
  • Pain or soreness in the vagina or the vaginal opening vaginal burning with intercourse or urination
  • A watery discharge
  • A rash

Sometimes a more complicated yeast infection may occur with more severe symptoms

Yeast Infection and Why It Is Recurring

    Treatment of Yeast Infection

    You can treat many yeast infections with over-the-counter creams or suppositories that you can buy without a prescription. These include antifungal vaginal creams like

    • Clotrimazole (Lotrimin and Mycelex);
    • Miconazole (Monistat and Micatin);
    • Tioconazole (Vagistat-1) could be applied by inserting the cream with the aid of an applicator into the vagina;
    • Wearing breathable and loose cotton underwear will also help;

    Recurring yeast infection or chronic yeast infection

    This occurs when you keep treating yeast infection and it seems to never go away. This is caused by a different strain of candida called Candida Albicans

    Causes of Yeast Infection include:

    1. Using antibiotics too often can lower the number of good bacteria in your vagina. This can allow candida to grow and raise your chances of a yeast infection. The longer you use antibiotics, the more likely you are to get one. Usage of antibiotics should be by prescription only.

    2. High blood sugar from uncontrolled diabetes makes it easier for yeast to feed and thrive.

    3. Hormonal birth control, including oral contraceptive pills and spermicidal creams and jellies, may alter the balance of bacteria in your vagina, allowing more candida to grow.

    4. Wearing wet or tight clothing, like sweaty gym clothes that you don’t change out of right away, or a damp bathing suit after a swim, creates a warm, damp place that yeast likes.

    Treatment for chronic yeast infection

    Treatment is usually very tricky and the patient is advised to see a physician. The physician may prescribe medications as stated earlier but in a different dose

    Prevention of big recurring yeast infection

    Avoiding douching: Douching can reduce levels of healthy bacteria in the vagina, allowing vaginal yeast infections to develop.

    Avoiding scented hygiene products: Scented bubble baths, shower gels, and sanitary pads can irritate the sensitive skin around the vagina, increasing the risk of infections. People should use mild, unperfumed products as an alternative.

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    Practicing good feminine hygiene: Changing tampons, panty liners, and pads often helps reduce the risk of vaginal yeast infections. It is also important to wipe from front to back after using the bathroom.

    Wearing loose, breathable underwear: Wearing cotton underwear is a good idea, as the fabric allows excess moisture to escape from warm, damp areas of the body.

    By Lady Efenyi

    • Lady Efenyi is a nursing student at the University of Calabar, Nigeria

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