How To Improve Good Toileting Habits


While talking about good toileting habits and what we do in the restroom might not be the politest conversation, it’s something that comes up for health and sanitation reasons. Going to the bathroom is just a part of life. We all have to do it, usually multiple times a day. There’s no reason to feel shame about that.

When it comes to keeping things healthy and regular, it’s easier said than done. Various health conditions, dietary habits, and more can impact your regularity, and it’s easy for your system to get thrown off. You may struggle to go regularly for various reasons.

Of course, for serious issues, you should consult a doctor. But there are some ways to encourage better bathroom hygiene, including diet and exercise. Here are five ways to increase good toileting habits for a more pleasant, regular experience.

1. Keep Yourself Clean

Good hygiene and going to the bathroom go together. One great way to keep yourself and your bathroom clean is to consider a bidet.. These attachments and toilets help keep your bottom clean, and they can also reduce waste if you want to use less toilet paper. The clean feeling will also make it so you don’t mind going number two, as you know you’ll leave the toilet feeling fresh.

2. Eat More Fiber

If you have trouble with regular bowel movements and often feel constipated, adding more fiber to your diet is one simple way to increase how often you go. This increased fiber intake will help you have a more balanced, healthy diet and can ensure you can go a healthy amount.

How To Improve Good Toileting Habits

    Some common foods that contain fiber include:

    Whole grains





    It’s not difficult to get more fiber into your diet, and many products are made to help.

    3. Make Your Bathroom A Relaxing Place

    While it might sound a bit funny, it can truthfully be hard to go when you feel stressed out. If you are relaxed in your bathroom, it will be easier to finish your business. This is part of why it’s often more challenging to stay regular while on vacation or using other restrooms. When you feel comfortable in your own space, it’s easier.

    You can try to add some elements such as an air freshener, candles, or plants to increase the relaxation elements in your bathroom.

    4. Drink More Water

    While it might not fix everything, drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy all around. For healthy bowel movements, it’s no different. If you are feeling constipated, drinking water can help move things along. And on the other side of things, it’s essential to stay hydrated if you have diarrhea, as you’ll want to make up for the water loss.

    5. Stay Physically Active

    Finally, one of the best ways to promote a consistent, healthy digestive system is to engage in physical activity often. It might sound simple, and it can take time to get into the habit. Still, moderate to intense exercise at least three times a week will help you go to the bathroom more regularly and increase your overall health.

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    While these five tips can increase your health and regularity around going to the restroom, keep in mind that you should consult a doctor for any pressing issues. If something seems wrong, painful, or concerning, always reach out to a medical professional.




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