How To Differentiate Purses and Handbags

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Over the years, purses and handbags have become synonyms. Though there is no clear-cut way of differentiating them, we could agree that there are key differences between each bag., which could arise from personal or societal preferences. For instance:

By Region

The words are used very differently across countries. In Britain purse is also used to refer to a small bag for holding coins. In the UK, a purse is also used for bigger bags that hold more stuff. And in America, both words are used to refer to the same kind of bag.

How To Differentiate Purses and Handbags
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    The Size

    A purse is used to describe a bag with straps that can be worn over the shoulder. A handbag is also used to describe a very similar bag but with more functionality.

    While purses and handbags are very similar, most people agree that handbags are roomier than purses. Handbags have enough space to bring everything you may need during the day: makeup, phone, wallet, water bottles. While purses are much smaller and useful for only essential items.

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    In Conclusion, just keep in mind that a “handbag” is more accepted than a purse in the fashion community while a “purse” would probably picture an outdated and small bag

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