Obi and Ihedioha: Same Products of The People’s Frustrations

November 11th: Will Ihedioha Bounce Back?

Obi and Ihedioha share the people’s affinity to the same degree. The reason why we love and support Chief Emeka Ihedioha is the same reason we love and support Mr. Peter Obi. They are presumably products of the people’s frustrations over the government’s protracted neglect in various forms.

Some pundits are arguing that Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State understood that PDP will lose out in the presidential election, he quickly cashed in and wanted it to look like he is the one that caused the defeat of PDP, as a way of registering his disappointment. Whether it is true or false, there is a take-home lesson there which hovers on smartness.

Peter Obi is expected to win the presidential election in February 2023, but if he doesn’t win, it will mean so much hardship for Chief Emeka Ihedioha who will be accused wrongly for the happenstance. This assumption is deduced from media hype.

Going forward, if Labour Party positions a sellable candidate in Imo, it will require an Anglican novena service to deliver PDP. REASON: Forces of anger, frustration, hate, and accusation will merge and serve His excellency an unpleasant March.

The same ignominy with which we approach Gov. Hope Uzodimma for supporting Buhari a Fulani man will be extended to Chief Ihedioha for supporting another Fulani man.

Obi and Ihedioha: Same Products of The People’s Frustrations
    Peter Obi; Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate in the 2023 Elections

    Now the question is, is the Igbo nation, which bought in the Fulanization propaganda in 2015 and 2019 shouting wolf? Sadly, the PDP in the east manufactured some campaign acrimonies against the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy, describing the APC as a party of the Fulani people.

    Yours sincerely was among those who shouted NO in thunder, observing that we are breeding the rise of ethnic militia. We embraced the PDP for at least standing in opposition to the Fulani gang. We were made blind by tribe and religion more than glaucoma and cataract.

    Because of our selective amnesia and collective dementia, we have now been encouraged to support another Fulani man and isolate our Igbo brother. This is the point we will be needing some Alzheimer’s drugs for these early symptoms of dementia.

    Politics in Nigeria does not only require crookedness and criminality, it also demands smartness and diplomacy. Knowing when and what to talk about. That was how Rochas Okorocha survived Imo even while feeding fat on our patrimony. At least he said what we wanted to hear, promising us a wonderland. That’s politics too.

    In politics, you will hardly move against the current and survive without being battered. In the Holy Book, when Caiaphas the High Priest and His Excellency, Governor PONTIUS Pilate observed the indignation of the surging crowd, they let out Jesus to the crowd without further delay.

    Obi and Ihedioha: Same Products of The People’s Frustrations
      Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha

      Of course, Pilate did not want to lose his friendship with Caesar. No matter how wrong their approach was, the underlining message is that in politics, you cannot easily swim against the current without sustaining a fracture. It doesn’t matter if the angry mob were right or wrong, a smart person must find a window of escape when held in a web.

      Let us put the records straight. We voted for Chief Ihedioha in 2019 because we were fed up with the debauchery headquartered in the Rochas family. We didn’t vote for Chief Ihedioha because of his good private life that is better than others.

      Also, we are campaigning for Peter Obi not because his marriage to Madam Margaret is exemplary, no; we are voting for him because we have grown disgusted with the Nigerian system that allegedly edges out the average Igbo man from the mainstream.

      As such, let no one translate his ambition as the total of the general ambition of the people. It is not about writing against or for Ihedioha or Obi, it is about setting the records straight to the best of our ability.

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      Everyone has the responsibility of applying diplomacy and caution as the campaigns begin. May the wish of the people prevail.

      • Dan Ugwu

      Obokwu Ozara Mbutu

      PDP, Mbutu Ward 1




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