Festus Daumiebi Cautions on Political Intolerance in Bayelsa

Amb. Elendu Backs Festus Daumiebi, Demands Justice

Festus Daumiebi;  a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa state has raised concerns on the activities of politicians in Bayelsa state, which according to him is becoming worrisome as some youths are being arrested and detained arbitrarily.

In a statement via his Facebook pages, Festus Daumiebi said: “The activity of politicians lately in our beloved State is becoming worrisome. Some youths have been arrested and detained on the orders of some political officeholders on some salient issues. I frown at such a move as the government should welcome constructive criticism.

“It is not everything that a government should respond to. The level of political intolerance in Bayelsa State is becoming a great source of concern. This is a new disturbing trend that must be discouraged by all well-meaning Bayelsans. Those who offer themselves to serve the public must develop thick skin with deaf ears also.

Festus Daumiebi Cautions on Political Intolerance in Bayelsa

    “In my contest to the red Chambers as the APC candidate in the 2019 general elections, I was called unprintable names, both here on this blue app and in the electronic media with fake, unsubstantiated, vague, and very untrue allegations but I laughed over them all.

    “Most of those guys who did that to me then are my friends today. I would have as well, arrested, detained, or even charged them to court but I opted for the part of tolerance.

    “No public office holder in Bayelsa State in our history has been criticised as much as Chief DSP Alamiesrigha of blessed memories was done. Yet he never arrested or detained anyone on mere criticism in the name of defamation.

    “Bayelsa State is too small for us to practice this dangerous trend of political intolerance. I am appealing to any political leader or public office holder in Bayelsa State irrespective of the political party that has arrested or detained anyone, be it your party faithful or opposition member to please, release such person for the sake of peace.

    Festus Daumiebi Cautions on Political Intolerance in Bayelsa
      Festus Daumiebi

      “We are Bayelsans before our political affiliations and we must learn to put Bayelsa first. Release Bubby Ugo, Esule Isaac, and indeed, any other political prisoner if any in Bayelsa State. Let us not overheat the polity. Bayelsa State is all we have”.

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      For record purposes, Festus Daumiebi concluded by asserting that his call for political tolerance in the state is devoid of political sentiments.


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