Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion

Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion

Amb. Rita Chika Ezenwa popularly known as Queen Nerita is the reigning Miss Face of Humanity (MFOH) Nigeria. Described as an amazon, woman valor, and pathfinder of a rare breed, she is seen as a symbol of hope, with an adorable sense of belonging and respect for humanity.

Driven by passion and determination, Queen Nerita joined the beauty and glamour industry in 2014. Out of hard work she has steadily progressed in pageantries, runways, and commercial modelling. No doubt she has made a success of her passion, interest, and zeal.

Queen Nerita granted Ken Gbados of The World Satellite an interview and in it, the light-skinned beauty queen, model, humanitarian, and entrepreneur sheds light on her life, strives, passion, and unprecedented designation as the first Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria.

Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion
    Rita Chika Ezenwa (Queen Nerita) was on Thursday,  a guest on TVC’s Wake Up Nigeria Show discussing humanitarian services


    You were recently crowned the first MFOH Nigeria, would you say your NGO, which you announced in April this year earned you the title?

    I would say my humanitarian antecedents of getting infants out of the street and giving them a better reason for living made this title possible. I have been engaging in humanitarian services before I unveiled the NGO. I started my humanitarian engagements in 2019 when I was the Queen of Aso International

    Over the years, I have been unconditionally dedicated to giving back to society. I have initiated several projects and initiatives to provide care for children suffering from autism, out-of-school kids, rape victims, and charity visitations to IDP camps.

    Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion
      Rita Chika Ezenwa (Queen Nerita): Beauty Queen, Model, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneur

      I have also been engaged in providing assistive technology for disabled individuals living with special needs including; blind autistic/ down syndrome individuals, autistic individuals with hearing impairment, and wellness for individuals with severe cerebral palsy and birth deformation.

      This year, I decided to make my humanitarian services more engaging and professional by registering an NGO. The NGO; Nery Developmental Initiatives is providing that needed platform to reach more people with my humanitarian campaigns.

      Hence, those years of engaging in humanitarian services, giving back to society, and understanding the struggles of the less privileged, kids with special needs made me the Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria.

      Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion

        Briefly reflect on the MFOH Nigeria title and what it means to you as a person and as a brand

        Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria is a franchise under the management of Miss Face of Humanity International owned and established in Canada. It provides a platform and countless opportunities for young women to share their voices, purpose, poise, and confidence with the world.

        Miss Face of Humanity is a role model and a global ambassador for youth and women empowerment all around the world. Her personality is gentle, humble, kind, compassionate, and loving. Her presence is full of grace, strength, and hope.

        Being the Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria, which I will be representing Nigeria for the Miss Face of Humanity International next year in Canada is like a dream come true for me.

        Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion
          Rita Chika Ezenwa (Queen Nerita); Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria will represent Nigeria at The Miss Face of Humanity International next year in Canada

          I am so excited about it because the brand’s vision aligns with my goals and purposes as a passionate humanitarian who loves giving back to society.

          The MFOH platform will enable me to become a better version of myself and fight more for social inclusion for kids living with disabilities, special needs, women and youth empowerment, peace, and sustainable development.

          Wearing the MFOH crown, I see myself as a symbol of hope to the child on the street who is scared and confused, the families that do not have a roof over their heads, and the boys and girls that have been raped and molested.

          Queen Nerita has been described as one beauty queen that has continued to respond practically toward supporting children, especially the underprivileged in society; where did you get this attribute from?

          Passion; I am passionate about kids living with disabilities and special needs, and I believe in equality for all through education. That is to say, every child has the right to quality education. I have kids and my foundation is currently paying their school fees both at the secondary and primary school level.

          Queen Nerita Vows to Fight for More Social Inclusion
            Queen Nerita’s advocacy mantra is “Equality for all through Education”.

            Also, beyond the God-given factor, my life experiences. I grew up in a very unsure background. So, I know what it feels like not to have food on your table, afford school fees, sleep, and wake up in a house without a roof.

            Having seen the downside of life, I decided to do better, and change my story. That inspires me a lot as I wake up every morning desiring to be a better version of myself.

            Again, having known what being on the downside of life feels like, I am always happy each time I can send a child to school. This is because Life was tough for me as a growing child and I did all sorts of menial jobs.

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            The woman I am today is inspired by what I have passed through in life. Therefore, whenever I see that humanitarian opportunity, I want to get involved in any little way I can.








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