Imo PDP and Attempted ‘Gulakization’

Imo PDP and Attempted ‘Gulakization’

I wouldn’t have been interested in the drama playing out in the Imo PDP as it concerns their Presidential Campaign Council list, because even if the most loved Imo man in history like Dee Sam Mbakwe is brought back to life today to lead a presidential campaign for any other person but Peter Obi, that campaign would still be a major flop.

Every true Nigerian who wishes for anything good to come to Nigeria has made up his mind on voting for Peter Obi. My interest in the PDP Presidential Campaign in Imo State is basically to advocate for some kind of integrity in politics.

People shouldn’t try to reap where they did not sow, and politicians shouldn’t approach politicking as an extension of their 419 backgrounds.

Imo PDP; Samdaddy and Ihedioha

Senator Samdaddy’s belief that he could snatch the Imo PDP structure from those who laboured to sustain the Party all these years, even when it didn’t seem there was anything left to be fought for in the Party, shows him off as a faithless and highly dishonest political leader.

Imo PDP and Attempted ‘Gulakization’
    Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha

    He is also an opportunist, who probably had made some fortuitous inroads into political relevance, and believes that political leadership is merely a game of luck rather than of hard and intentional work and investments.

    Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha may not be my best of friends, and I do not even belong to the same political Party as him, but it would amount to rewarding indolence, dishonesty, and double-dealership for Samdaddy to be allowed to sneak his way into the PDP governorship candidacy.

    Multiple shreds of evidence show that he neither worked for the Party’s success in the 2019 elections nor supported the Party after it was booted out of power most controversially in 2020.

    If there is anywhere the Amaimo-born politician should be staking a strong claim to, it is in the APC, particularly, within the Camphone faction of that Party, because that’s where he made his major investments.

    Imo PDP and Attempted ‘Gulakization’

      Imo PDP PCC is a footnote to 2023 Governorship Primaries

      The fallout of the Imo PDP PCC inauguration or unveiling should be a foretaste of what the March 2023 governorship primaries of the PDP will look like.

      Samdaddy will certainly want to use his office as the Party’s National Secretary to smuggle in names of his lackeys as delegates and committee members, but the real owners of that Party in Imo State will resist him.

      As they did during the primaries earlier this year, they are sure to triumph, unless the Party wants to be swept off by the APC and LP in the main election.

      The truth is that any governorship candidate that emerges from the PDP outside the endorsement and support of the caliber of officials who are in charge of the PDP in Imo State, will not stand the slightest chance of winning the governorship election in Imo State.

      Imo PDP and Attempted ‘Gulakization’
        Senator Samuel (Samdaddy) Anyanwu; PDP National Secretary

        This is not calling the 2023 governorship election for the PDP, no matter whom they present, but it is without a doubt that a PDP candidate produced by the real PDP leadership in the State will have a very good chance at reclaiming the Imo governorship seat.

        Watching the video of the press conference purportedly called by Imo PDP Stakeholders to disown the PCC list, you would know that the Samdaddy camp is empty and toothless.

        Apart from Hon. Ngozi Ogbu whose continued relevance in Imo politics after his stint at the Imo House of Assembly was sustained by Chief Ihedioha, there is no other person of political quality in that video.

        The makeup of that purported PDP Stakeholders group buried whatever hope anyone might have that there will be real competition for the PDP governorship ticket in 2023.

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        Samdaddy should reconcile with his Party or be bold enough to make his affiliation with the APC formal, instead of wasting his time in trying to reinvent the Gulakization of Imo politics in the PDP.

        • Written by ONWUASOANYA FCC JONES



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