Annabel Orji: A Budding Profile

The World Satellite Ambassador of The week

Annabel Orji is an outgoing, confident, and likable personality who is providing a public voice and face to a range of political and current affairs issues as a Broadcast Journalist, and TV Show Host.

Since her foray into the broadcast industry, she has gone from hosting top politicians in Nigeria to exclusive red-carpet moments in several top mega events in Abuja.

The ambitious and hardworking broadcast presenter hails from Imo State, Nigeria, and has a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Abuja.

Annabel Orji: A Budding Profile
    Annabel Orji; Broadcast Journalist, Content Creator, and TV Host

    Her Passion and Strides

    Annabel Orji is a political enthusiast and a lover of the screen. Her passion for good conversations and quality Journalism has been so deep and wide since joining KAFTAN Television a few years back. She anchors politics and rising fast to being a name to be reckoned with in the broadcast industry.

    On the strengths of her skills that are rooted in communication, finding stories, and bringing them to the public quickly coherently, and engagingly; the very innovative and assiduous Annabel has had interviews and conversations with eminent political stakeholders, State, and national Actors.

    Out of zeal and determination, the quintessential Miss Orji has had thought-provoking engagements with several serving Federal Ministers, political party chieftains, and most of the 2023 Presidential Candidates, in addition to hosting Presidential Townhall meetings.

    Annabel Orji: A Budding Profile
      Annabel Orji engages in good conversation and quality journalism on KAFTAN Television

      Also, she has worked with reporters to develop stories daily, pitched story ideas on trending topics, and created news series where applicable in addition to maintaining very high-quality professionalism in a fast-paced media environment.

      Beyond media, Annabel Orji is also passionate about giving back to society through charity engagements. Yearly, in commemoration of Easter, her birthday, and Christmas, she undertakes outreach programs to send items of clothing and food items to orphanages and IDPs

      Her Inspiration and Aspiration

      Every excellent conversation inspires Miss Annabel Orji to do more and get better. No wonder she picked up very fast within a few years in the industry despite her educational background.

      Annabel Orji: A Budding Profile

        Believing that All life demands struggle and that those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life, Annabel Orji wants to be the best of who she is.

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        She aims to strive, work hard, and constantly with hopes of leaving an unforgettable experience on everyone and everything she comes across, as well as trying to avoid major blockades that often drag people behind.

        Given her passion, and enthusiasm, Annabel Orji could best be described as a perfect example of a youth persona who is breaking free from imposed and self-imposed blockades that usually drag behind, most individual youths from achieving their dreams.

        Annabel Orji: A Budding Profile
          Annabel Orji: outgoing, confident, and likable personality

          Annabel Orji at A Glance:

          Location:      Abuja

          Instagram:  @annabel_orji

          Linkedin:     Annabel Orji

          Twitter:        @GhenGhenChiq

          Height:          5.2

          Waist:            38

          Bust:              43

          Hips:             48

          Hobbies:     Having Good Conversations, Cooking, Movies, Music

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