Brymo Is A Political Illiterate

Brymo Is A Political Illiterate

If Brymo wasn’t a political illiterate he wouldn’t have blamed Peter Obi for the insecurity in the Southeast, but should have known that the mere fact that there is this level of insecurity anywhere in the country is evidence of how much the APC as a ruling Party has failed.

Peter Obi is not the Commander-in-Chief, Buhari who was helped to power by Bola Tinubu is the Commander-in-Chief and he has failed woefully in the most primary responsibility of his office, which is protecting the lives and properties of citizens.

Brymo Is A Political Illiterate
    Peter Obi

    Peter Obi is coming to repair the damage done by the APC, and it is expected that if Brymo is interested in voting for a candidate who can make the country more secure and more prosperous, then the person to vote for is Peter Obi and not the candidate, who by association, is guilty of everything that is currently wrong with the country.

    Brymo may give other reasons for not supporting Peter Obi, but certainly, not for the Insecurity in the Southeast and not because there are some people in the Southeast fighting to secede from Nigeria. There are more Yoruba secessionists than there are Igbo secessionists, yet, we haven’t blamed Tinubu for that.

    Brymo Is A Political Illiterate

      If the artist isn’t a neophyte, he would have known that at the time Buhari was elected President, the North was embroiled in much more security crisis than the Southeast is currently.

      At least, we do not have IDP camps in the Southeast, but we had several such camps across the North. Buhari didn’t also hide his sympathy for some of those behind the crisis in the North, yet, he was elected President.

      Peter Obi is not an Igbo leader and has no power to stop those Igbos who believe that their interests can only be served when they actualize the Republic of Biafra.

      Brymo Is A Political Illiterate

        The only time Peter Obi can be blamed for the Insecurity in the Southeast or any other part of Nigeria is when he becomes the Commander-in-Chief and he has outlined his agenda for tackling the issue.

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        My advice to Brymo is that he should endeavour to acquire elementary information about how a government runs, before making political statements to avoid ridiculing himself.



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