When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?

When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?

Chris Nkwonta; the candidate for the Ukwa Federal Constituency for the House of Representatives under the PDP should ordinarily have no business vying for the seat of Honourable men. Have you wondered why the members of the legislative house are addressed as “Honourable Members”? That is because they are men of character.

Let me ex-ray the hidden truths that have been unsuccessfully assumed to be swept under the carpet. Do you know that Chief Chris Nkwonta lied under oath about his birth, what else can pass for perjury more than this? He has committed a crime punishable by law. Recall, a sitting lawmaker was convicted for this same offense. I hope Chief Chris Nkwonta knows what he’s getting into.

When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?
    Chief Chris Nkwonta

    Chief Chris Nkwonta should understand that the age grade system is an integral part of every Ndoki man, ascertaining the age of individuals is as simple as ABC because of the age grade system which gives an idea of age brackets, so it doesn’t require rocket science. This practice in Ndoki is sacrosanct.

    Do you also know that Sir Chris Nkwonta is of the Umuoma Age Grade of Akwete Ndoki, Umuoma is senior to the Peace Age grade followed by the Oganihu age grade? Going by this, the Umuoma Age grace is birthed between 1954-1955 because Oganihu age grades are between 1959-1960, every typical Ndoki man understands the importance of respect, and this respect is enforced through Age grade associations.

    When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?

      Today, various official profiles published about Sir Chris Nkwonta tactically excluded his year of birth. I ask isn’t that enough pointers? Do you also not smell a rat? How can a supposed official profile not capture the complete date of birth?

      It is not only criminal but also deceitful and unacceptable for someone vying for such an exalted position as the Federal House of Representatives, such character cannot be trusted if it is anything to go by.

      On his profile published by the Ambassadors,

      Chief Chris was alleged to have been born on November 3, 1960, while his official profile was released to the public; with the year of birth expunged. Then, how official is that profile?

      When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?

        More so, going by documents released so far, though very poorly scripted, I challenge the handlers of Chris Nkwonta’s media to as a matter of urgency transparency furnish Ukwa people with schools attended and dates by Chief Chris Nkwonta. Does it mean, going by their very deceitful profile, Chief Chris Nkwonta started his primary education at age 1, now isn’t that a miracle?

        No need for much ado about nothing, but in the spirit of transparency and fair hearing as requested by Chief Chris’ media aides Dr. Idah Waboso and Chidi Nwamkpa who have demanded we ex-ray candidates; weigh them in a balance and see who will be found wanting.

        When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?

          I therefore will wish to challenge the Media Team of Chief Nkwonta to; as a matter of urgency and in transparency tell the Ukwa people the followings:

          1) When exactly was Chief Chris Nkwonta born?

          2) What year was he enrolled in Primary school?

          3) What year was he enrolled in secondary/Commercial school in Diobu PH?

          4) What year did he graduate from his secondary/Technical school?

          In addition to the above, we wish to challenge Chief Chris Nkwonta to make public the data page of his passport for the last 5 years, by so doing he would have no further doubts. But failure to do so, we will remind him that we still know his mates. At least the likes of Chidi Ajiere are still very much alive.

          These questions if answered will clear the air on the credibility of the candidacy of Chief Chris Nkwonta else, the people will see the characters they are campaigning for to go speak for us as a people, it is an error. A very big error. Ukwa people are wiser now and can no longer be taken for a ride.

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          Let he that comes to equity come with a clean hand. I hope Idah Waboso and his boys take note of this and respond swiftly and appropriately too. The House of Representatives is for men without questionable characters.

          The courtrooms will always be open.


          When Exactly Was Chris Nkwonta Born?
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            1. The poster or the editor is the parent of Chris Nkwonta. Yes he is if not he wouldn’t hve known wen he was given birth to. Some stupid people posting what they don’t even know all in the name of a publisher or an editor. Well this post is as useless as this site and the publisher including the news agency.

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