Talking About Mental and Physical Fitness

Election Defence: APC, INEC, Tinubu's Disappointing Show

Peter Obi has left no one in doubt about his mental and physical fitness and none of the major candidates can stand him in any physical or mental contest. This is why almost all of them dodged the various presidential debates to which they were invited.

And yes, physical and mental fitness matter in whom you will be elected as your President. It is not about age. If I have a President who is 90 years old and still mentally and physically alert, I won’t have any problems with him.

President Biden is 80 and you don’t need to worry that he might raise his two hands into the air when the national anthem is being recited. Trump is 76, but he walks unaided and doesn’t need to have people watching him closely to ensure he doesn’t fall.

Talking About Mental and Physical Fitness
    Peter Obi; Presidential Candidate of the Labour party

    Peter Obi is the only presidential candidate that has toured the 36 States and FCT, at least, thrice. Within this period, he has visited some States more than five times on campaign-related issues.

    No other presidential candidate has completed a tour of the States and FCT before him. While he was in the PDP, he visited the 36 States and the FCT on a consultation tour with PDP leaders and delegates.

    Before he kicked off a proper campaign, he toured around the country on a consultative tour with critical stakeholders, and during the proper campaign rally, he wrapped up his visit to these States before any other presidential candidate.

    Talking About Mental and Physical Fitness

      He toured countries outside Nigeria more than any other presidential candidate. He visited all major nations in Europe and toured cities in America.

      He is the only candidate that has a tour of major campuses in the country, selling his message of New Nigeria to the younger generation of Nigerians. He attended media parleys across various radio and TV houses in the country, including an appearance on CNN.

      Currently, he is on a market storm. He is visiting major markets in the Southeast, Southwest, North Central, and South-South, and even if time permits, he will storm major markets in the Northwest and Northeast.

      Talking About Mental and Physical Fitness
        Mahmood Yakubu; INEC Chairman

        You may have your reason for not voting Peter Obi for President, but I know it must be about some selfish interests, and I don’t have a problem with that because we are all selfish, but if your selfish interest is not going to fetch you at least, 500 Million Naira, please, collect what you can now, and still vote Peter Obi.

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        Even if you are planning to leave the country with your family, you will still not be able to erase your history as a Nigerian and when this place collapses, you are sure to be affected, one way or the other.

        My name is Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, and I love Nigeria.



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