November 11th: Will Ihedioha Bounce Back?

November 11: Five Leaders Who Can Shift Balance in Imo State

It is clear from conversations I’ve had with a significant number of Imolites from various political perspectives that most people are not thrilled with the options left for the November 11th  governorship race.

The majority of people I have spoken to think that neither of the two main options we are given represents a significant break from the illegal incumbent. Even though I would constantly tell them that there is no comparison between an illegitimate candidate and those who are sincerely seeking legitimacy, I also did not fully lose sight of the validity of their concerns.

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The immediate past governor of the state, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, always comes up in every discussion concerning the governorship. Many people are obviously not happy with his role in the presidential election, but none has been able to disagree with the fact that he would have presented a very interesting alternative to Imolites, and it would have been easier to market him to Imolites had he been the flag-bearer of either the PDP or LP.

November 11th: Will Ihedioha Bounce Back?

    A friend actually told me that Imolites would rather vote for someone whose only sin is failure to support the most popular and most acceptable presidential candidate on the basis of party loyalty than for an individual whose sins are numerous and include also not supporting the same presidential candidate.

    Unfortunately, going by the INEC timetable for the upcoming governorship election and the fact that he remains a member of the PDP, it appears that Ihedioha might not be on the ballot for this election, but I know that should there be any window for him to reenter the race, he will provide Imolites with a good option and inspire many of those who have become apathetic to the political happenings due to the absence of credible alternatives.

    It is unimaginable that either Senator Samdaddy or Senator Athan Achonu will agree to withdraw from the governorship race in order to have Ihedioha, who obviously has a brighter chance of unseating the oppressive and illegitimate regime we have in the state at the moment, but nothing is impossible in politics, and nothing shocks me in politics.

    November 11th: Will Ihedioha Bounce Back?
      Emeka Ihedioha, and Samuel Anyanwu; The two Heavy Weights of Imo PDP

      Also, the option of returning to the governorship race on the platform of any of the other fifteen political parties could still be viable for the former Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives.

      Hate him or love him, what you cannot take away from Ihedioha is that, as far as the Imo governorship is concerned, he has made his mark, and should he reconsider his decision to withdraw from the race, he will be the biggest force to reckon with in the election. He will be like the big masquerade, for whom all the other smaller masquerades will scamper out of the square when he appears.

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      Whether Ihedioha presents himself again for the governorship this time or he doesn’t, I know that Imolites are determined more than ever to reclaim their state, and there will definitely be a rainbow coalition that will oust the current terror that has turned the entire Imo to a big prison colony in his bid to forcefully achieve acceptance from the people.

      I must win!



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