Subsidy Removal & Working Refineries; Who Is Deceiving Who?

Subsidy Removal & Working Refineries; Who Is Deceiving Who?

Subsidy is the biggest fraud, its removal is the biggest lie. The subsidy is not paid for the oil we produce but for its importation.

A few days ago, Mr. Buhari and Tinubu were among the dignitaries that graced the flag-off of the Dangote refinery in Lagos. APC media handlers are also telling us that the Port-Harcourt refinery will start operating at full capacity in June. June is tomorrow.

Now, why do Nigerians have to pay huge amounts of money for expenses that no longer exist? If you no longer import refined petrol, then, where is all the money going to? Oh, you probably set up a business for your crony to rip ordinary Nigerians off. The Dangote refinery is a channel for milking ordinary Nigerians?

Subsidy Removal & Working Refineries; Who Is Deceiving Who?
    His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu; Nigeria’s President

    If you were a responsible government, why don’t you just go to Dangote or Port-Harcourt refinery and purchase the refined product? There is no seafaring, it’s just to put the product in a tanker and distribute it across Nigeria.

    If you say that the marketers are ripping you off through over-invoicing, would the management of these local refineries also rip you off? Will they charge you money for transporting these products from outside the country? What then is the essence of the fanfare over the Dangote refinery?

    Why are our other refineries not working? Where are the over 20 licenses given to different companies to build refineries? Why couldn’t government privatize these other refineries?

    Subsidy Removal & Working Refineries; Who Is Deceiving Who?

      How is it that those we call oil bunkers are able to refine fuel and still sell at such a good price that our marketers buy from them and still make a profit after selling at regulated prices?

      Did Dangote spend six trillion Naira to build his refinery? Why did we have to waste more than that amount every year subsidizing petrol when we can use it to make our own refineries or renovate the old ones?

      What happened to the monies saved from subsidies withdrawn from diesel, kerosene, fertilizer, and others? You have to convince Nigerians that withdrawing a subsidy would help save costs by showing us evidence of how you have utilized the money you saved from an earlier withdrawal to better our lives.

      Subsidy Removal & Working Refineries; Who Is Deceiving Who?
        Former President Muhammadu Buhari

        Suppose you cannot prove that the withdrawal of subsidy from Kerosene, diesel, and other things has benefited Nigerians. In that case, you have to perish the idea of removing the subsidy on PMS.

        Oh, you say continuing to pay subsidies will collapse our economy? Well, if there is anything worse than what we have here as an economy, then, let it happen. We can’t be worst off.

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        Our political leaders are not very smart people, and they have no respect for us. If they did, they would craft more intelligent lies for this thoughtless action. We are not doomed, our oppressors are doomed, and it’s only a matter of time.

        Nigeria Shall Prevail!

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