Titanic Director Criticizes OceanGate After Tragic Incident

Titanic Director Criticizes OceanGate After Tragic Incident

Renowned Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron, famous for directing the blockbuster movie Titanic in 1997, has voiced his concerns about the submersible involved in a recent incident where five lives were lost. According to Cameron, the team responsible for building the submersible, known as the Titan, had taken shortcuts and failed to meet necessary certification standards.

In an interview with the BBC, Cameron expressed his suspicions about the technology used in the Titan sub. He admitted that he would not have boarded the submersible due to his doubts regarding its safety and construction. Cameron, who has completed 33 dives to the Titanic wreck himself, emphasized the importance of reliable technology and adherence to safety protocols.

Titanic Director Criticizes OceanGate After Tragic Incident
    The Titan Sub

    The Titan sub was constructed using carbon fibre and titanium, but its parent company, OceanGate, did not pursue certification because they were aware that it would not pass the required standards. This revelation raises questions about the thoroughness of the submersible’s design and manufacturing process.

    Cameron drew attention to a previous expedition he led in 2012, known as the Deepsea Challenger, which utilized different technology. During this expedition, he reached a remarkable depth of 10,912m (35,800ft) in the Pacific Ocean’s deepest known trench. Comparing the two experiences, Cameron highlighted the contrast in safety and reliability between the Deepsea Challenger and the ill-fated Titan submersible.

    Titanic Director Criticizes OceanGate After Tragic Incident
      Titanic Director James Cameron

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      When Cameron heard about the simultaneous failure of the sub’s navigation, communication systems, and tracking transponder, he immediately suspected a disaster. Based on his expertise and instincts, he concluded that the sub was lost. This catastrophic event further emphasizes the importance of robust and dependable equipment in deep-sea explorations to ensure the safety of those involved.


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