The Looming Threat: Prigozhin’s Power and Putin’s Vulnerability

Prigozhin's Power and Putin's Vulnerability

Prigozhin won’t be free for long if he is alive. As one who put together such a formidable military force and has been able to sustain their loyalty over these years, to the point that they can shed their blood for him, Yevgeny Prigozhin certainly knows more than anyone else that he is in danger, unless, of course, what happened was a subterfuge put orchestrated by the Kremlin to deceive Ukraine and the world.

Putin is not the kind of leader that condones a challenge to his authority, and every day Prigozhin walks free in Belarus, he will see a big threat to his iron grip on power.

Prigozhin's Power and Putin's Vulnerability
    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    Wagner fighters have seen blood and will continue to bay for more. The Kremlin cannot take them off combat duties and expect them to be happy about it. They will either convert to full-blown terrorists or align with Ukraine in the war against Russia. These guys weren’t trained as professional soldiers but as mercenaries, hence, they see themselves more as businessmen than traders.

    Prigozhin wouldn’t have mustered the confidence to embark on the journey he did if he wasn’t certain of causing some serious upset, and for him to have forced the Kremlin to walk back on their original stance of prosecuting him is some victory for him and his Wagner group.

    Prigozhin's Power and Putin's Vulnerability
      Yevgeny Prigozhin

      Putin’s time at the Kremlin is certainly numbered unless he takes the humble pie and recalls his army from all parts of Ukraine. Any good war analyst would tell you that Prigozhin had the lightening success he had in taking over Rostov-on-Don and another major city, not entirely because of the efficiency of his fighters, but because a great number of Russian regular army are tired of the war and didn’t have the motivation to confront the Wagner group.

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      This is why the Kremlin’s most effective resistance to the mutiny was from the Chechen fighters, another semi-independent fighting group that is not very different from a PMC. I can’t wait to see Putin disgraced and whoever helps in actualizing that is a hero, even the bloodthirsty criminal, Prigozin.

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