MFOH Nigeria Inspires Entrepreneurial Vision at Youth Summit

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ABUJA – The Nigeria Youth Summit 2023, organized by the Centre for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development, held today at the National Merit House in Abuja. With the theme “Advancing Youth Innovation in Entrepreneurship,” the event brought together a diverse range of young minds and notable personalities to discuss and celebrate the spirit of youthful innovation.

The summit’s atmosphere was charged with anticipation as speeches and discussions unfolded, providing insight into the future of entrepreneurship among Nigerian youth. The convener of the summit, Austin Igweshi, delivered a warm welcome address that set the tone for the day’s discourse.

MFOH Nigeria Inspires Entrepreneurial Vision at Youth Summit
    MFOH Nigeria’s amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa (1st L), with other panelists, and the Convener; Austin Igweshi (2nd R)

    A particularly significant moment was the recognition awards presented to deserving individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to various fields. However, a highlight that truly resonated with the audience was the dynamic second panel session. This session centered on the theme “Youth Entrepreneurs, Challenges, and Enabling Environment,” capturing the attention of all present.

    At the forefront of this enlightening discussion was none other than Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa, the remarkable Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria (MFOH Nigeria). With her unparalleled insights and experience, Amb. Ezenwa as a one of the panelists, contributed to the engaging dialogue on the hurdles faced by youth entrepreneurs and the crucial aspects of fostering an enabling environment for their growth.

    MFOH Nigeria Inspires Entrepreneurial Vision at Youth Summit
      Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa Ignites Entrepreneurial Vision at the Nigeria Youth Summit 2023

      Amb. Ezenwa’s presence brought a fresh perspective, as her journey and success story resonated deeply with the aspirations of the audience. As Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria, she embodied the values of innovation, determination, and humanitarianism, inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while positively impacting society.

      The event witnessed a profound exchange of ideas, practical solutions, and a commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among Nigeria’s youth. Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa’s participation served as a living testament to the power of determination and the potential for young individuals to excel against all odds.

      MFOH Nigeria Inspires Entrepreneurial Vision at Youth Summit
        MFOH Nigeria’ Amb. Ezenwa receives a certificate of appreciation for adding depth to discussions about the obstacles youth entrepreneurs face and the pivotal role of a supportive ecosystem.

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        The Nigeria Youth Summit 2023 was more than just a gathering; it was a platform that ignited conversations, inspired change, and showcased the remarkable contributions of Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa and other emerging leaders in the realm of entrepreneurship.


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