Mmeko Umu Mbaise skips New Yam Festival for Grand 10th Anniversary Celebration

Mmeko Umu Mbaise Skips New Yam Festival for 10th Anniversary

In a heartfelt address to the esteemed members of the Mmeko Umu Mbaise Socio-Cultural Family Club, Chairman Kennedy Onyegbado announced the club’s decision to forego the current year’s Mbaise New Yam Festival.

The decision, according to a statement made available to The World Satellite by the Association’s Public Relations officer; Agbaere Kelechi is a deliberate move to focus on planning and preparing for a grand and unforgettable celebration in 2024, marking the 10th anniversary of the association’s establishment.

Mmeko Umu Mbaise Skips New Yam Festival for 10th Anniversary
    Kennedy Onyegbado; Current Chairman of Mmeko Umu Mbaise

    “The annual Mbaise New Yam Festival is a moment of cultural significance that transcends geographical boundaries, allowing the Mbaise community to come together in unity, celebration, and reflection. The festival is celebrated with fervor and gratitude for the bountiful harvest, while also paying homage to ancestral wisdom and resilience”.

    Chairman Onyegbado’s address emphasized the club’s commitment to preserving the deep-rooted Mbaise heritage within the heart of Abuja. While acknowledging the physical distance that separates the members from the ancestral land, the Chairman encouraged a continued embrace of unity, tradition, and empowerment for the Mbaise people.

    Mmeko Umu Mbaise Skips New Yam Festival for 10th Anniversary
      Some Members of Mmeko Umu Mbaise Socio-Cultural Association, with guests during one of their New Yam Festival Celebrations in Abuja

      “The decision to forgo this year’s celebration, while undoubtedly difficult, reflects the club’s dedication to making the upcoming 10th-anniversary celebration truly remarkable and inclusive. By channeling efforts and resources towards planning a grand event, the Mmeko Umu Mbaise Socio-Cultural Family Club aims to create an occasion that resonates with the core values of the Mbaise community”.

      Onyegbado’s address further invited each member to actively participate in this collective endeavor, laying the foundation for an event that not only commemorates the association’s journey but also sets the stage for even greater achievements in the years ahead.

      The chairman’s conviction in the positive outcomes of this decision is unwavering, and he believes that the additional time and dedication invested in planning will yield a celebration that exquisitely honors the Mbaise heritage and spirit.

      Mmeko Umu Mbaise Skips New Yam Festival for 10th Anniversary
        Ezinwa Peterclaver Onwudike; Immediate Past and Founding Chairman of Mmeko Mbaise

        “Despite the absence of this year’s festival, the Mmeko Umu Mbaise Socio-Cultural Family Club remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving and promoting the Mbaise cultural heritage. The unity of the members remains a source of strength, enabling the club to uphold the cherished values, customs, and traditions that define the essence of the Mbaise identity”.

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        As the club looks forward to the upcoming 10th-anniversary celebration, Chairman Onyegbado expressed his gratitude to each member for their unwavering support and understanding. “Through this collective effort, the club aims to fortify the bonds that unite the Mbaise people, and in doing so, inscribe a new and vibrant chapter in their cultural history”.

        For media inquiries, please contact:

        Agabere Kelechi

        Public Relations Officer

        +234 908 143 8251


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