Reviving Imo’s Glory: Tony Ejiogu, the Builder Imo State Needs

Reviving Imo's Glory: Tony Ejiogu, the Builder Imo State Needs

In the race for Imo State’s gubernatorial seat, Tony Ejiogu emerges as a ray of hope, armed with an inspiring vision encapsulated by the trending hashtag #TheBuilderIsHere. This ideology signifies more than a catchy phrase; it encapsulates a promise of progress, development, and a brighter future for Imo State.

As one delves into the pages of history, the names Sam Mbakwe and Michael Okpara shine brightly as builders who left indelible marks in the region. Their legacy is marked by iconic developmental initiatives like Concord Hotel, Golden Guinea Brewery, Amaraku Power Station, Ada Palm, and Imo Poultry. However, since their time, a noticeable void in transformative income-generating projects has haunted Imo State.

Reviving Imo's Glory: Tony Ejiogu, the Builder Imo State Needs

    Enter Tony Ejiogu, a candidate with a blueprint to rejuvenate the spirit of building and innovation in Imo State. The #TheBuilderIsHere campaign not only echoes his mission but also symbolizes his commitment to utilizing technology, harnessing the intellect of the people, and collaborating with brilliant minds to construct a new era of prosperity.

    In an age where technological advancements shape economies, Ejiogu’s approach is forward-looking. His promise to leverage technology to drive growth, create jobs, and elevate the living standards of Imo State’s residents is not just a political slogan but a roadmap for progress.

    Reviving Imo's Glory: Tony Ejiogu, the Builder Imo State Needs
      Tony Ejiogu; #TheBuilder Imo State Needs

      Imo State yearns for a leader who can channel its potential into tangible development. #TheBuilderIsHere represents a clarion call for change, signifying Ejiogu’s unwavering dedication to reviving the legacy of transformation left by great leaders of the past. It’s a rallying cry for the collective effort needed to rebuild Imo State’s infrastructure, economy, and overall well-being.

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      As November 2023 approaches, Imo State stands at a pivotal crossroads. The choice to embrace a builder, an architect of change, is evident in the candidacy of Tony Ejiogu. #TheBuilderIsHere encapsulates the urgency and promise of rebuilding Imo State’s greatness, ushering in an era of growth, innovation, and prosperity.

      • Kennedy Onyegbado; a Public Affairs Analyst, wrote from Abuja, Nigeria

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