Nigeria’s Looming Autocracy: Who Will Rise To The Occasion?

HURIWA Questions Tinubu's Hidden Records

In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian politics, a daunting specter looms on the horizon – the prospect of an impending autocracy under the watch of the Tinubu administration. What is most unsettling, however, is the conspicuous absence of individuals within the opposition ranks who possess both the fortitude and resources to mount a legitimate political resistance against this looming threat.

For over a decade and a half, Bola Tinubu kept the flames of opposition burning, serving as a formidable counterbalance to the dominant forces in Nigerian politics during the sixteen-year reign of the PDP. His tactical maneuvers consistently kept the ruling powers, especially the Buhari regime, on their toes. Tinubu’s keen ability to strategically choose battles that directly impacted his political survival ensured the opposition’s relevance.

Nigeria's Looming Autocracy: Who Will Rise To The Occasion?
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    The recent alignment of strong-willed politicians like Governor Nyesom Wike with Tinubu before the election further highlights the challenge facing the opposition. Wike, known for his tenacity and ability to energize the opposition, found himself in a pragmatic alliance that may inadvertently weaken the opposition’s overall stance.

    Meanwhile, other defiant politicians, such as El-Rufai, Ribadu, Sanusi Lamido, Oshiomhole, and many more, have chosen to align themselves with the current regime. Their voices have grown quieter as they appear to savor the crumbs or chaffs of power, leaving the Nigerian populace at the mercy of the impending Tinubu regime.

    In this disconcerting landscape, Peter Obi stands out as an exemplar of integrity and ethical conduct in Nigerian politics. However, his brand of opposition, characterized by lawful discourse and an unwavering commitment to ethical principles, may fall short of the robust resistance required to bring about meaningful change. Tinubu, Wike, and other political figures seem unperturbed by such opposition tactics, as long as their actions enhance their chances of gaining or retaining power.

    Nigeria's Looming Autocracy: Who Will Rise To The Occasion?
      President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, with Former Governor Nyesom Wike (now FCT Minister)

      As Nigeria stands on the precipice of potential autocracy, the nation yearns for strong opposition leadership. The absence of figures with the courage to challenge the status quo and the resources to effectively do so is a cause for concern. Will the opposition find its footing in time to safeguard democracy and ensure that Nigeria remains a bastion of political diversity and accountability? Only time will tell.

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      In a landscape where political power dynamics shift rapidly, the question remains: Who will rise to the occasion and provide the robust opposition Nigeria needs to navigate these turbulent waters and prevent the looming autocracy?

      • By Kennedy Onyegbado

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