Intl. Girl Child Day: HURIWA Spotlights Chimamanda’s Journey

Intl GirlChild Day: HURIWA Spotlights Chimamanda's Journey

In recognition of International Girl Child Day, the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has shined a spotlight on the inspiring journey of Chimamanda Chukwudum, a resilient young girl from Oko, Orumba North LGA in Anambra State. Her story is a powerful testament to unwavering hope, determination, and potential.

According to a Press Release by HURIWA, Chimamanda’s journey began in Lagos, where she was born and raised. “Her parents, once successful, faced a devastating turn of events three years ago when her father, Mr. Eric Onyejinaka, encountered a severe setback in his business and was struck by kidney-related diseases.

“In the face of these challenges, Chimamanda’s mother, Mrs. Benita Chukwudum, stepped up as the family’s sole provider, bearing the heavy burden of her husband’s medical treatments and becoming the household’s breadwinner. Regrettably, this situation forced Chimamanda and her siblings to drop out of school.

“Despite these daunting challenges, Chimamanda, the eldest of four children, displayed exceptional resilience and determination at the tender age of 10. Recognizing her aptitude for quick learning, she set out to acquire new skills.

Intl. Girl Child Day: HURIWA Spotlights Chimamanda's Journey
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    “With unwavering determination, she mastered the art of pillowcraft in just six months and began working to support her family. Remarkably, she managed to balance this with resuming her education, often alternating terms and taking extra lessons to catch up, all while ensuring her siblings could also attend school.

    “Chimamanda’s intelligence and strength shone through despite the adversity. At the age of 12, she successfully completed her junior secondary school, an extraordinary achievement considering her circumstances.

    “Chimamanda’s unwavering optimism and determination are a true testament to her unyielding spirit. She firmly believes that she can overcome her challenges and achieve success. Her only request has been for increased patronage of her products and support to acquire additional machinery and tools to enhance her productivity”.

    Consequently, HURIWA appealed to the Anambra State Governor, the Federal Ministers of Trade, Industry, and Women Affairs, as well as the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, to collectively or individually adopt Chimamanda and provide her with scholarships up to the university level, stressing that this support will enable her create an environment that fosters productivity and provides the opportunity to mentor other young talents, ultimately empowering her to become a symbol of hope and resilience.

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    “Chimamanda Chukwudum’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the immense potential within young girls, and it is our shared responsibility to nurture their dreams and harness their talents. On this International Girl Child Day, let us join hands to uplift and empower not only Chimamanda but also countless other young girls facing similar challenges”.


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