HURIWA Condemns Ongoing Bloodshed in the South East

HURIWA Slams Tinubu for Rewarding Terrorism with New Ministry

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has strongly condemned the persistent and brutal killings in the South East region, particularly highlighting the recent abduction and murder of Eze Joe Ochulor. Expressing deep concern over the escalating violence, HURIWA called for immediate and decisive action.

HURIWA presented compelling data, emphasizing a disturbing surge in violence over the past four years, with government officials, security personnel, and civilians falling victim to the brutality. The organization pointed out notable cases in 2022, including the killings of Kelvin Ezeoha and Anthony Nwokorie, shedding light on the grim nature of the attacks.

The statement outlined a series of tragic events, such as the abduction and beheading of Okechukwu Okoye, the involvement of Ebubeagu operatives in the shooting deaths of seven youths, and the attacks on political figures like Henry Chukwu and Lucky Idoko. HURIWA expressed shock at the perceived failure of the state to protect its citizens, emphasizing the severe threats to the lives and stability of the Igbo people.

HURIWA Condemns Ongoing Bloodshed in the South East
    Emmanuel Onwubiko; HURIWA’s National Coordinator

    Despite alarming statistics and ongoing bloodshed, HURIWA criticized the lack of sustainable solutions and called on the government to take decisive actions, investigate crimes, and bring perpetrators to justice. The organization stressed the need for comprehensive approaches addressing both security measures and the underlying issues fueling the violence.

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    HURIWA urgently called for restoring peace and stability, urging the government to prioritize citizens’ safety, protect their rights, and engage in meaningful dialogue for lasting solutions. The organization committed to collaborative efforts with stakeholders to address the region’s complex challenges and restore hope to affected communities.


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