Imo PDP: A Fraud Foretold

Imo PDP: A Fraud Foretold

The Chief Undertaker of Imo PDP, who, until recently was the National Secretary of the same Party he has invested most of the last five years trying to destroy has come out once again to prove what we have all known about him; that fraud is his biggest talent in life and mass deception is his best asset.

Let me put you on notice that as a way of ensuring that I do not partake in helping his dubious political agenda, I have decided not to give his name any prominence in my writings, going forward. For a man who believes that he can get anything he wants through deception and falsehoods, I would be unwise to assist him by keeping him in the consciousness of the public through my writings. I will leave that job to my friends who are receiving some pittance from him for that job.

From 2019 onwards, this Wike boy had determined to wreck the PDP in Imo State, as he might have analysed that he could only become the governor of the State by riding on the popularity and structural formidability of the ruling APC.

While his initial plan might have backfired, there are feelers that he is working in cahoots with some anti-Hope APC chieftains in Abuja to hijack the Party structure from Governor Uzodimma before 2027.

Imo PDP: A Fraud Foretold
    Charles Ugwuh

    This will be a story for another day. For this offering, let us look into the purported suspension of the State Chairman of the Party and why it further helps to cement this individual’s notoriety as a scammer rather than a leader. The letter purporting to communicate the suspension of Chief Charles Ugwuh as the Chairman of the Party in Imo State was authored on 24 October 2023 but is being made public today, as breaking news.

    What this implies is that all through the campaign, while Engineer Charles Ugwuh was working and even investing his personal, hard-earned resources, into helping his Party put up a good showing in the election, the scammer from Amaimo was perfecting a coup d’etat against him.

    Otherwise, it could be that the letter was actually written yesterday, but fraudulently backdated to imply that the action took place before the orderly and very legitimate replacement of the State Secretary. Whatever the case is, there is no argument about what it says about the character of the former PDP scribe.

    Imo PDP: A Fraud Foretold
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      The Wike boy is well-known to me and part of the reason I would always advise people to deal with him with a very long spoon is that he sees everyone who comes around him as a disposable. He can send you on an errand and send the rain after you, and turn around to scorn you and if possible use you as a negotiating chip with those he might have sent you out to go and fight.

      This is the situation with some of the PDP leaders and SEC members who, against every reasonable advice, stuck with his comedy ship of a governorship candidature. Today, he is discarding them, one after the other, if he can. He has used them, and this is the time to throw them into the trashcan and recruit new ‘mugus’ whom he is going to also discard when it becomes convenient.

      If this Wike boy could spite Engineer Charles Ugwuh of Roman fame; a key financier of the Peoples Democratic Party, when the man from Amaimo and Wike, his boss were probably washing cars for their bosses, a former PDP governorship candidate, former National President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, and one of the few Nigerian politicians with visible and traceable multibillion Naira wealth, then, he can even discard and attempt to disgrace anyone else. I only sympathize with younger people who make the mistake of building their political future around a man who has always risen by dragging others down. May God help them.

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      A viable opposition is critical to the survival of democracy, and I would wish that real PDP leaders do not abandon their Party to a political contractor, who, even if he succeeds in taking over the Party structure in Imo State would still go ahead to sell off the Party to the highest bidder, thereby imperiling whatever political prospects the PDP might have in the future. It is important for those who truly belong to the PDP to fight off this contractor before we end up without PDP in Imo State.


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