Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria’s Impactful Advocacy

Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy

In the dynamic realm of beauty pageants, where glamour often takes precedence, Thecoaches and its Miss Face of Humanity (MFOH) Nigeria international franchise have emerged as a beacon of purpose and impactful advocacy. Reflecting on the remarkable achievements of 2023, it becomes evident that this organization is not solely focused on crowns and sashes but is on a mission to redefine the role of beauty queens as true ambassadors of humanity.

Recent accolades bestowed upon Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria and her reigning Queen, Amb. Rita Chika Ezenwa, underscore the organization’s commitment to humanitarian causes. Nominated for the Nigerian Women Achievers Awards 2024 in the category of Humanitarian Queen of the Year and winning the Pageant Queen of The Year 2023 at the Pageant Analyst Annual Awards affirm the genuine and impactful work being done by the organization and its ambassador.

Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy
    As we applaud Amb. Rita Chika Ezenwa’s achievements, let us recognize Thecoaches and MFOH Nigeria for redefining pageantry with purpose.

    Previously, Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa was awarded the Beauty Queen of The Year at the 2023 Golden Stars Awards, a well-deserved honor for her dedication to humanitarian causes. The organisation has been praised for Amb. Ezenwa’s busy schedule, anchored in projects, seminars, and workshops that advocate for humanity.

    A standout moment of 2023 was Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria being invited by the United Nations as a panelist for a Film Festival at the Embassy of Brazil in Abuja. This event celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to fostering dialogue on human rights issues. Amb. Ezenwa’s impassioned speech resonated with attendees, inspiring renewed commitment to championing the cause of human rights.

    Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy
      MFOH Nigeria’s address at the Film Festival was a rallying cry for individual responsibility in safeguarding human rights worldwide

      MFOH Nigeria’s win as Pageant Organization of The Year at the Pageant Analyst Annual Awards 2023 further validates Thecoaches’ approach. The organization’s vocal stance and active participation in seminars, workshops, outreaches, and various projects aimed at making a tangible difference set it apart in the competitive world of beauty pageants.

      For instance, Amb. Ezenwa’s role as the Special Guest of Honour at the closing ceremony of the 2nd extraordinary summit of the Youth Model African Union in Abuja marked a pivotal moment. Her inspirational speech urged the youth to recognize their pivotal role as the future of any nation and to support humanity, displaying the depth of the organization’s commitment to creating a positive impact.

      Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy
        MFOH Nigeria’s win as the Pageant Organisation of The Year 2023 underscores the commitment to impactful humanitarian efforts.

        The organisation’s dedication to human rights was evident in Amb. Ezenwa’s participation in the United Nations-Government of Nigeria and Partners Dialogue on Human Rights Priorities. Advocating for wider acceptance of international human rights instruments, MFOH Nigeria demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the protection and respect of individuals’ rights.

        A noteworthy collaboration with the National Human Rights Commission, marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed to promote and consolidate the respect and enjoyment of human rights across Nigeria. This partnership reflects Thecoaches’ dedication to making human rights a priority in the country.

        Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy
          MFOH Nigeria’s Amb. Rita Chika Ezenwa explaining a point to the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission; Chief Tony Ojukwu, SAN, and other senior staff of the Commission during a working visit

          Beyond rhetoric, the impact of Thecoaches and Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria extends to addressing challenges faced by indigent populations in Nigeria. The Stakeholders Dialogue on the Rights of Indigents, organized under the theme “Protecting the Rights of Indigents; Problems and Solutions for The Nigerian State,” brought experts and activists together to deliberate on strategies to protect the rights of indigent individuals.

          In the realm of education, MFOH Nigeria took a commendable step by covering the educational expenses of a pupil facing financial constraints. This act of kindness reaffirms Thecoaches’ commitment to addressing challenges in the education sector and making a tangible difference in individuals’ lives.

          Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy
            Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa, reigning Miss Face Of Humanity Nigeria

            To further advance the organization’s cause, MFOH Nigeria sought collaborative efforts with the Legal Aid Council to encourage easy access to justice for indigents, demonstrating unwavering commitment to justice and human rights.

            MFOH Nigeria’s pursuit of global peace and human rights led to an official visit to the United Nations Nigeria, where Amb. Chika Rita Ezenwa aimed to campaign for world peace, respect for human rights, and diplomacy on a global scale. Additionally, her participation as one of the panelists at the Nigeria Youth Summit 2023 emphasized the organization’s dedication to fostering an enabling environment for youth entrepreneurs.

            Beyond Crowns: MFOH Nigeria's Impactful Advocacy
              Blessing Inyang; CEO, Thecoaches and National Director for Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria

              As Miss Face of Humanity Nigeria’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Its advocacy for human rights, commitment to uplifting the less fortunate, and dedication to global peace and diplomacy make Amb. Rita Chika Ezenwa a true ambassador of humanity.

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              As she prepares to represent Nigeria at the Miss Face of Humanity International in Mexico, the world can expect Thecoaches to continue inspiring and making a positive impact on the global stage. This journey is a testament to the fact that beauty and compassion can coexist, and true beauty lies in the hearts of those who use their platform to make the world a better place for all.

              • By Ken Gbados; a Media Relations and Communications Strategist

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