Manyi Affangha: Trailblazing Resilience, Culture, and Impact

Manyi Affangha: Trailblazing Resilience, Culture, and Impact

In the heart of Nigeria, Queen Manyi Affangha, the Face of Culture Africa 22/23, is carving a legacy defined by resilience, cultural preservation, and unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes. In an exclusive interview with Ken Gbados of The World Satellite Magazine, she unveils a narrative reflecting deep-rooted values, impactful initiatives, and a vision for positive change.

Forging Resilience from Humble Beginnings:

Born into a humble yet disciplined family, Queen Manyi faced early challenges with the loss of key supporters, including her father and maternal grandfather. Despite these adversities, her experiences strengthened her values, propelling her to become an icon for others.

Transitioning from a boarding school to a public one after her father’s untimely death, she navigated life’s realities with courage instilled by her late grandfather and father. Her mother and aunt further shaped her into an icon for future generations.

 Manyi Affangha: Trailblazing Resilience, Culture, and Impact
    Queen Manyi Affangha’s story is a Tale of Resilience, Cultural Advocacy, and Humanitarian Impact”

    Manyi Affangha as a Cultural Preserver & Advocate:

    Crowned the Face of Culture Africa 22/23, Queen Manyi assumes the role of a cultural preserver and ambassador. Her advocacy program, “The Inclusive Agenda,” fights discrimination against people with special needs, highlighting her commitment to cultural values, care, and support for the marginalized. Notable programs in Nsukka, Enugu, emphasize her dedication to inclusivity.

    Her commitment extends to education, distributing school materials and fees to Government Secondary School Lugbe, Abuja, powered by the then Minister of State for FCT, Hajia Dr. Ramatu Tijani, reflects her mission to fight financial illiteracy, and poverty, and strengthen nation-building. Additionally, her visitations to orphanages in Abuja and the maternity unit of the Nigerian Police Hospital in Calabar exemplify her dedication to lasting solutions for societal challenges.

     Manyi Affangha: Trailblazing Resilience, Culture, and Impact
      Showing care to others is a going concern for Queen Manyi Affangha

      Igniting Passion Through Encounters and Experiences:

      One of the most poignant moments in Queen Manyi’s journey was meeting Engr. Mrs. Grace Ezinne; the first female engineer in Nigeria. The encounter with her, battling physical challenges, became a testament to the belief that there is ability in disability. Such encounters reinforced her commitment to kindness and understanding, recognizing the unpredictability of life.

      In addition, the loss of financial supporters in her life served as a driving force for Queen Manyi. Reflecting on her struggles, she is motivated to be a strong voice for those facing adversity, sparking positive change and making a difference in the lives of the downtrodden.

      Manyi Affangha’s Diplomatic Vision for Global Change:

      Nominated to participate in the Diplomatic Simulation of the United Nations in New York this March, Queen Manyi aims to address global challenges, particularly the enduring menace of poverty. She desires to call for sustainable solutions, emphasizing the profound impact poverty has on communities and families.

       Manyi Affangha: Trailblazing Resilience, Culture, and Impact
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        Resilience Amid Adversity, Building Support Systems:

        Queen Manyi’s journey epitomizes resilience. Facing societal stereotypes against supporting her university education, she worked as a credit officer for Support for Women’s Development, securing admission to the University of Calabar. The challenges of balancing work and school as a cashier at BCS Royal Guest House strengthened her resolve.

        Approaching challenges with patience, prayers, and seeking wisdom from older individuals, she lays the foundation for success. The upcoming launch of her foundation in May signifies her commitment to building a support system for young children and women.

        Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow:

        With a background in accounting, Queen Manyi guides her humanitarian activities with transparency, proper data collection, and accountability. Her focus on maximizing values aims to reshape the mindset of young people positively.

        Manyi Affangha: Trailblazing Resilience, Culture, and Impact
          Resilience played a crucial role in Queen Manyi Affangha’s journey

          Acknowledging more needs to be done, her vision revolves around investing in the girl and boy child as crucial assets to society. Her joy lies in witnessing young people excel as leaders, cultural preservers, and ambassadors of positive change.

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          In conclusion, given her antecedents, passion, and determination, Queen Manyi Affangha emerges as a beacon of hope, an advocate for cultural preservation, and a catalyst for transformative change. Her journey, marked by resilience and humanity, serves as an inspiration for all, urging us to be the change we want to see in the world.


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