Muftwang And Nigeria’s Unjust Justice System

Muftwang And Nigeria's Unjust Justice System

The reinstatement of Governor Caleb Muftwang by the Supreme Court expectedly nullifies the positions of the judges of the Election Tribunals and Appeal Tribunals that erroneously and curiously assumed jurisdiction on issues that had been severally resolved as nonjusticiable because it is an internal Party affair which non-Party members shouldn’t have any business getting involved in.

The issue of Party congress and the legitimacy of the Party structures and leadership that hold sway in certain States and areas had, at many times, been decided to be an internal party affair for which the courts shouldn’t have any business when it is brought before it by parties other than members of the affected Party.

In Zamfara State, all elected officials were sacked in 2019 due to issues affecting the legitimacy of the APC leadership in that State. As it is common with most of our politicians, the then outgoing governor, Mr. Yari, went ahead to impose his lackeys on the Party as candidates across the board, while Senator Mararafa, leading another faction of the Party was in court over who has control of the Pasty leadership in the State.

All options brought to the table by the then National Working Committee led by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole fell on deaf ears. Yari insisted on having everything to himself, dismissing Mararafa as an unpopular noisemaker. Understandably, the Supreme Court ruled that APC primaries in that State were null and void as an illegitimate executive of the Party conducted them.

However, on different occasions and across different cases, the Supreme Court had consistently maintained that courts would not have jurisdiction on deciding for a Party how to conduct its primarily when the plaintiff is not a member of the Party whose nomination process or congress is being challenged. The court had described such plaintiffs as “meddlesome interlopers” or “busybodies”.

Muftwang And Nigeria's Unjust Justice System
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    Curiously and annoyingly, different panels of judges across different States and Constituencies in the country continued to entertain such matters and give, what could best be described as controversial and unjust judgements, sacking representatives duly elected by their people and imposing those overwhelmingly rejected by the electorate.

    It is obvious that going by last week’s Supreme Court judgement affirming Caleb Muftwang’s election, all the PDP lawmakers who were sacked by Appeal Tribunals on the issue of “lack of structure” are victims of injustice and those APC and LP members who have benefited from that judgement are clearly products of either an incompetent judicial system or corrupt judges.

    Unfortunately, the deed has been done. The victims of this injustice do not have the option of seeking reprieve in the Supreme Court as their matter terminates at Appeal Tribunals.

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    Apparently, these APC lawmakers from Plateau State and other parts of the country who were sacked on this ground would be leaking their wounds somewhere. I think the only way we can stop this mockery of the judiciary is by the National Assembly making laws to impose serious sanctions on judges who defy rulings of the Supreme Court on matters that had been decided by the apex court.

    Congratulations to Governor Caleb.


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