Queen Daniel Precious: A Woman of Substance and Purpose

Queen Daniel Precious: A Woman of Substance and Purpose

Meet Queen Daniel Precious, a distinguished personality who wears multiple crowns with grace and purpose. As the reigning Miss Culture International Nigeria, she stands as a symbol of beauty, intellect, and cultural pride. A native of Benue State, Nigeria, she was born and raised in the vibrant state of Kogi, Nigeria. Queen Daniel is not only a beauty queen but also a woman of substance, making significant contributions in various fields.

Educational Background and Professional Endeavors:

A proud alumna of Science University Benin Pot Novo, Queen Daniel holds a degree in Political Science, reflecting her commitment to understanding and contributing to the socio-political landscape of her country. Beyond academics, she is a skilled skin care therapist, ensuring that beauty and wellness are not just skin-deep. She is the CEO of Dapresh Empire, which produces and sales beauty, cosmetic and personal care products

Queen Daniel Precious: A Woman of Substance and Purpose
    Queen Daniel Precious stands as a symbol of beauty, grace, and cultural awareness.

    Driven by a fervent desire to see positive change in her nation, Queen Daniel is the Founder and Executive Director of the Nigerian Ladies For Good Governance (NLFGG). This organization, under her visionary leadership, aims to promote democracy and good governance in Nigeria. NLFGG stands as a beacon, demanding accountability from political office holders, irrespective of their affiliations, and mobilizing young women to actively participate in shaping the future of their country.

    Modeling Journey and Humanitarian Works:

    Queen Daniel’s heart beats for humanitarian endeavors, evident in her numerous projects. One of her notable initiatives is the “Care for Old Age Widows” project, reflecting her dedication to uplifting and supporting the vulnerable in society. Her compassion and commitment to making a positive impact distinguish her as a true leader with a heart for the people.

    Queen Daniel Precious: A Woman of Substance and Purpose
      Queen Daniel Precious channels her passion for humanitarian work through impactful projects

      With a modeling career spanning since 2013, Queen Daniel has graced numerous runways and stages. Her journey includes victories such as Miss Crystal Nigeria 2016, Face of Idoma Tourism 2017/18, Face of Nigeria 2019/20, Cultural Queen Africa 2022/23, and her current title as Miss Culture International Nigeria. Through her modeling, she not only embodies elegance but also uses her platform to advocate for cultural appreciation and diversity.

      Aspirations and Hobbies:

      Beyond her current achievements, Queen Daniel aspires to be a phenomenal woman, excelling in all spheres of life. Her dedication to personal growth and societal betterment sets her on a path to becoming a role model for generations to come. In her leisure time, she finds joy in swimming and delving into the world of literature, reflecting her well-rounded and cultured personality.

      Queen Daniel Precious: A Woman of Substance and Purpose
        Beyond the spotlight, Queen Daniel Precious is a skilled skin care therapist

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        Queen Daniel Precious is not just a beauty queen; she is a force for positive change, a leader, and a compassionate soul working tirelessly to create a better tomorrow for her people and her nation.

        •  By Ken Gbados.

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