NLC Halts 2-Day Protest, Grants FG Two-Week Ultimatum

NLC Halts 2-Day Protest, Grants FG Two-Week Ultimatum

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has decided to suspend its two-day nationwide protest midway, citing achieved objectives on the first day.

The protest, initiated by NLC and allied unions, aimed to address concerns over the soaring cost of living, inflation, insecurity, and general hardship in the country.

NLC Halts 2-Day Protest, Grants FG Two-Week Ultimatum
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    Following an evening communique on Tuesday, the union announced the suspension, granting the Nigerian federal government a fresh two-week ultimatum, expiring on March 13, 2024, to fulfill its promises.

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    The NLC’s National Executive Council (NEC) stated that the decision to suspend the street action for the second day was reached due to the overwhelming success achieved on the first day of the protest.


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