HURIWA Applauds NDLEA, Proposes National “Thank You Day”

NDLEA Targets Drug Lords' Assets, Boosts Anti-Drug Campaign

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has extended high praise to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for its exceptional work in fighting drug trafficking and substance abuse under Brigadier General Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd). This commendation follows a series of significant achievements, including a notable reduction in the number of Nigerians imprisoned in Thailand for drug offenses.

In a press statement today, HURIWA lauded the inspiring leadership of Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), which has greatly enhanced Nigeria’s global image and improved citizen safety. The civil rights group proposed a national “Thank You Day” to celebrate the NDLEA and other outstanding government bodies.

HURIWA Applauds NDLEA, Proposes National "Thank You Day"
    President Bola Tinubu

    “One of the most remarkable achievements of the NDLEA is the significant drop in the number of Nigerians incarcerated in Thailand. During a recent visit to the agency’s headquarters in Abuja, Mr. Kriwat Pharmorabuta, Charge d’affaires and Deputy Head of Mission of the Royal Thai Embassy in Nigeria, praised the NDLEA’s rigorous efforts. He highlighted a decrease from around 800 to fewer than 200 Nigerian prisoners in Thai prisons, attributing this to the agency’s stringent measures against drug trafficking. Mr. Pharmorabuta’s commendation reflects the international recognition of NDLEA’s success, enhancing Nigeria’s global standing.

    “Additionally, Mr. Pharmorabuta emphasized the crucial partnership between the Thai Embassy and the NDLEA in visa clearance processes. He noted that the Thai government relies on NDLEA certificates when granting visas to Nigerian applicants due to the agency’s thorough documentation and verification. NDLEA certificates are reportedly a priority for Thai visa issuance.

    HURIWA Applauds NDLEA, Proposes National "Thank You Day"
      Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (Rtd)

      “Further boosting its global reputation, NDLEA officer Francis Ameh Igonoh was named the 2024 winner of the prestigious International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Outstanding Operational Success Award. This award underscores the agency’s dedication to combating illicit drug trafficking. Brig. Gen. Marwa’s decision to promote Igonoh to Assistant Commander of Narcotics highlights the agency’s commitment to recognizing excellence.

      “Moreover, NDLEA’s integrity was recently tested when officers arrested a couple involved in large-scale cocaine trafficking. Bolanle and Olayinka Dauda were apprehended in a joint operation with the DEA, leading to the seizure of 57.5 kilograms of cocaine. The officers rejected a N6 million bribe, demonstrating the agency’s unwavering commitment to ethical conduct. Such integrity deserves national honors to reinforce the values of honesty and dedication in public service,” HURIWA praised.

      HURIWA Applauds NDLEA, Proposes National "Thank You Day"
        Francis Ameh Igonoh presented the award certificates to NDLEA Chairman/Chief Executive Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd).

        HURIWA urged all Nigerians to celebrate the significant milestones achieved by the Marwa-led NDLEA, proposing a “Thank You Day to NDLEA” to honor the agency and other high-performing government bodies. The association suggested that on this day, Nigerians everywhere should take five minutes to say, “Thank you, NDLEA. Keep up the great work.” HURIWA believes this day will not only celebrate the NDLEA but also inspire other agencies to strive for excellence.

        Additionally, HURIWA advocated for national honors for NDLEA officers who have shown exceptional integrity and commitment to their duties, particularly those who rejected the N6 million bribe during a high-profile operation. Recognizing these achievements will inspire continued excellence in public service and support the fight for a drug-free Nigeria.

        HURIWA Applauds NDLEA, Proposes National "Thank You Day"
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          HURIWA also commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for creating an environment that supports the NDLEA’s anti-drug initiatives. The Association noted that the administration’s support, coupled with Brig. Gen. Marwa’s leadership, has been crucial in driving the agency’s success and fostering a culture of excellence and integrity.

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          “The NDLEA’s accomplishments under General Marwa’s leadership have brought pride to Nigeria. From reducing the number of Nigerians in foreign prisons to receiving international awards and making substantial drug busts, the agency has set a new benchmark for law enforcement. HURIWA urges all Nigerians to join in celebrating these milestones and support the proposal for a national “Thank You Day” to honor the NDLEA and other exemplary government agencies. Together, let us build a nation that recognizes and celebrates excellence and integrity in public service,” HURIWA concluded.


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