Imo 2027 Guber: Gov. Uzodimma, the Debate, and the Mbaise Dimension

Imo 2027 Guber: Gov. Uzodimma, the Debate, and the Mbaise Dimension

The debate on the 2027 gubernatorial contest in Imo State has begun and is gaining momentum daily. There is no crime in that; it keeps the political atmosphere in the state lively. Some argue that this debate is a distraction for Governor Hope Uzodimma and his government, but this claim does not hold water. Uzodimma has been involved in all phases of politicking in Imo: early, mid-season, and late.

The fact that Uzodimma is in his second term and the issue of who will succeed him are the major reasons behind the growing debate over the 2027 Imo gubernatorial election. It appears that the governor, born in Omuma, is under pressure regarding his successor in 2027. This pressure is triangular, coming from the three political zones of the State: Orlu, Okigwe, and Owerri.

Groups and individuals from the Orlu zone argue vehemently that the zone should retain the governorship in 2027 after Uzodimma, who is one of them. Okigwe Zone people, through some groups and individuals, are equally unequivocal in their demand that the 2027 governorship should be theirs, some even suggesting former Governor Dr. Ikedi Ohakim. Owerri Zone’s main argument is that, of all the zones, Owerri is the one that has not governed the State for up to three years, unlike other zones that have had eight years or more since 1979.

Imo 2027 Guber: Gov. Uzodimma, the Debate, and the Mbaise Dimension
    Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha

    These claims are legitimate, following the provisions of the law. No law says Orlu zone should not aspire for the Imo governorship in 2027, even if it will have had the governorship for 24 years by then. No law says Okigwe Zone should not aspire for any reason. For Owerri Zone, no law says that because it has not governed the State for up to three years, others should go into hiding in 2027. Understanding, patriotism, conscience, and goodwill can achieve what the law and logic cannot.

    Governor Uzodimma is at the center of all these discussions. While he does not have the exclusive right to make anyone the governor of Imo State, as a sitting governor, he could play a major role. The strong belief in the power of incumbency is vivid. In a democracy, the right to choice is guaranteed. Individuals have the right to support the candidates of their choice, which was evident in the 2015 and 2019 governorship elections in the State.

    In those elections, people from Mbaise, including the writer, voted against Emeka Ihedioha in favor of Rochas Okorocha and Uche Nwosu. Likewise, people from Ideato and Nkwerre voted for Ihedioha against Okorocha and Nwosu. Some Mbaise people voted for Uzodimma in 2019 against Ihedioha, and Oru East people voted for Ihedioha against Uzodimma. This is healthy politics, with no hard feelings.

    Imo 2027 Guber: Gov. Uzodimma, the Debate, and the Mbaise Dimension
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      Some politicians have argued that there is no room for morality or conscience in politics, suggesting it is all about power. However, a day can change a story. For once, Imo can play politics of conscience and patriotism, and Governor Uzodimma should be the torchbearer. He can make history by playing politics of conscience without losing anything.

      The event of January 14, 2020, when the Supreme Court sacked Ihedioha in favor of Uzodimma, opened a new chapter in Imo politics. To the majority of Mbaise people, Ihedioha’s victory was a long-awaited dream come true. His sacking felt like an eclipse. This development shows that the desire for governorship in Mbaise has grown beyond any particular individual.

      Governor Uzodimma should consider playing a role in this. Supporting a candidate from Mbaise would be an act of conscience with historical significance. While he does not owe Mbaise people any political debt, doing so would be a fine example of good politics. Supporting someone from Mbaise for the 2027 governorship would be an outstanding legacy.

      Imo 2027 Guber: Gov. Uzodimma, the Debate, and the Mbaise Dimension
        Ikedi Ohakim

        There are numerous instances where an outgoing governor’s insistence on a successor has not paid off without divine grace. For 2027, Uzodimma should consider supporting someone from Mbaise, not as a political right, but for posterity’s sake. He does not owe Mbaise any explanation for the 2019 court decision, but playing good politics would ensure a victorious departure in 2027.

        If the governor does not find a suitable candidate in Aboh Mbaise, he should look to Ahiazu Mbaise or Ezinihitte Mbaise. The optimism is that, by the grace of God, he will find someone suitable. This decision would bring about a positive political scenario and create a legacy of good politics.

        Supporting a candidate from Mbaise in 2027 would be a monumental and unifying gesture. If Uzodimma’s conscience inclines towards Ihedioha or another candidate from Mbaise, it would symbolize a powerful act of reconciliation and foresight.

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        In conclusion, Governor Uzodimma should consider the political landscape and historical significance. By backing a candidate from Mbaise, he can create a positive and lasting legacy. This thoughtful and conscientious approach to politics can bring about unity and progress for Imo State

        • By Sam Onwuemeodo


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