Queen Nina Canvases A Stable Future for The Vulnerable Child

By Ken Gbados.


Queen Nina Canvases A Stable Future for The Vulnerable Child
Queen Ogeh Nancy Ene; Model, Entrepreneur, and Child Right Advocate

It is a well-known fact that any society that respects equity and social justice will in the same vein create enabling environment for greater respect for the fundamental human rights of children.

The past few years could rightly be described as some of the toughest in the lives and times of the Nigerian citizenry, especially the younger population who are at the receiving end of absolute poverty, terrorism, and other manifestations of violence and crimes that have enveloped the nation.

Spurred by passion and concern for the vulnerable children in the society, the reigning Beauty of the World Tourism; Miss Ogeh Nancy Ene, popularly known as Queen Nina has called on the government and the political class to ensure a stable future for the Nigerian child by creating an atmosphere of socio-economic stability necessary for them to have an assured tomorrow.

A media statement signed by the Beauty Queen noted that children are the leaders of tomorrow and that it takes a heart of love and gratitude to honor one another, especially the vulnerable ones. “Honoring these vulnerable children is the greatest gift I could ever wish for”, she stressed.

With so much drive about the future of our country, Queen Nina expressed: “Until we do the right things for ourselves as a nation and world at large, the possibilities and growth for tomorrow could be aborted if the necessary measures are not put in place to secure our today for a better tomorrow”.

Beyond the vulnerable, Miss Ogeh also observed that from a general perspective, grave violations of child’s rights continue to occur in our society with terrifying regularity. According to her: “Children in Nigeria and Africa at large face systematic abuse, discrimination and are regularly denied the right to life and security of person, full legal capacity, health care, education, inheritance, and freedom of movement.

Queen Nina Canvases A Stable Future for The Vulnerable Child

“Children still do not have full access to economic and political decision-making processes in their families, nations, or international institutions. Too often, governments allow crimes against children to go unpunished, continuing a culture of impunity for family members, State agents, and others who discriminate or commit violence against children”, Queen Nina explained.

Continuing, the Cross River-born beauty queen and CEO of the Nigeria Fashion and Culture International Agency decried the situation of the Nigerian child who is being raped, kidnapped, either for ransom or trafficked for economic reasons.

This, she blamed on the lack of adequate security in the Country. She, therefore, pleaded with parents and guardians to desist from the habit of sending their children to the street to hawk wares which, according to her, exposes the child to unnecessary danger.

As a pragmatic demonstration of her passion for the vulnerable children, Queen Nina revealed that she has put in place a fastidious plan to partner with Jhpiego Nigeria and the Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research on a USAID funded project to support orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) towards proper adherence and mental balance mostly when it comes to taking their ARVs

More so, she has plans of initiating a seminar session with orphans and vulnerable children, with their caregivers on a monthly bases to educate them on the need to build a bond between the vulnerable children and their caregivers.


Youths Have The Solution To Almost All The Problems In Africa;- Rt. Hon. Elendu

His background evoked in him a yearning to engender purposeful leadership, especially among young people who are daily exposed to bad leadership examples. This sense of purpose pulled him towrads youth advocacy, as he saw in it a veritable platform through which light could be beamed on the right leadership tenets and in so doing provoke a paradigm shift among different stakeholders and young people.

In this chat with Kennedy Onyegbado, the quintessential Speaker, 2nd Assembly of Democracy Africa Youth Parliament; Rt. Hon. Graham Elendu lays emphasis on various focal areas including his ambitions, his burning zeal for youth’s emancipation and the role the youths can play in solving most of Africa’s problem.


Youths Have The Solution To Almost All The Problems In Africa;- Rt. Hon. Elendu
Rt. Hon. Graham Elendu; Speaker, Second Assembly of Democracy Africa Youth Parliament

Over the years, you have continued to seek veritable platforms to express your insatiable hankering for purposeful leadership engagement and development of African Youths; what has been your motivating drive?

The desire for my continued involvement in advocating for purposeful leadership engagement and development of African Youths was borne out of the fact that I see a lot of very competent youths in this part of the world who are not given the opportunity to lead.

Research has it that a couple of times when youths have been given the opportunity they have done very well. We have the French experience and a couple of other countries where younger people lead and they have been doing very well.

More so, because we are in the jet age, I believe that the people to manage an age like this are the jet people and that’s why I have always advocated that young persons are given the opportunity to lead.

In Nigeria for instance, most of the people we see at the helm of affairs till date got into the limelight when they were young. The likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe and the then elites all got into the scheme of things while they were young.

Sadly, those people who had opportunity to express themselves when they were young are the ones not giving young people the opportunity to do the same. This is very disturbing and that has been my motivation, because the younger ones have to take the stage.

What is your campaign and extensively what are your expectations from African Governments?

My campaign is what it is. I have always advocated for youth inclusion in government and over the years my expectation has been the same; we should have a percentage of youths in running the affairs, especially in areas where it affects the youths.

For instance, I do not see the rationale where non-youths will be running the affairs of the Ministry of Youths. I have a couple of friends who are also like minds in this area. There is this movement somewhere around Anambra state led by a friend of mine; Mr. Innocent Nduanya where they are asking for 50-50 or nothing.

This confirms my goals, as I have always said it that the youths should be included in governance; if not for anything but for them to learn. Beyond learning, I have seen that the youths are very competent and can hold a lot of offices, so why not we give them the opportunity?

My expectations are very high, and one thing that must be noted is the fact that the youth population in Africa is not just the future of Africa, but the now of Africa. So I expect African Governments to have a more youth-inclusive government. This is because most of the solutions I want to posit can be provided by the African youth.

In the course of my activities I have met youths from a lot of African countries and I can affirm that the stuff and contents African youths are made of is phenomenal. As such, one can see that the youths have the solution to almost all the problem we have in Africa, but what we don’t just have is the political will or the political inclusion in order for the youths to execute these solutions.

I birthed and ran the Role Model Initiative; an initiative that enthuses young people to maximize their God-given potentials by telling the stories of successful individuals who triumphed against all odds, and for over 12 years, it exposed me to a lot of competent youths.

Hence, when I advocate for youth inclusion, I am still a very strong advocate of competence. For the reason that one is young doesn’t qualify him or her alone to gain these positions, but must also be competent, which doesn’t really lack amongst our youths.

Two years ago, you were inducted into the Democracy Africa Youth Parliament as Nigeria’s representative, and a year later you became the Speaker of the 2nd Assembly. How would you describe your engagements so far?

Yes, I represent Nigeria at the Democracy African Youth Parliament (DAYP), where we have 120 youths drawn from 54 African Countries and by God’s grace I am privileged to be the speaker of the 2nd Assembly.

Basically, DAYP is an assembly of youths to advocate policies and everything around youths. This, we have been doing using the African Union platform, though the covid-19 pandemic took a large chunk of my tenure as speaker of the parliament.

Nevertheless, my tenure brought in dynamism and functionality. I took over the helm of affairs as speaker of DAYP amidst a lot of irregularities and crisis. But within my tenure I tried to calm the nerves and tried to carry everybody along so as to steer the ship in one direction.

Youths Have The Solution To Almost All The Problems In Africa;- Rt. Hon. Elendu
Rt. Hon. Elendu, with Senator Sen Andrew Uchendu during the 2019 Leadership Entrepreneurship Conference organised by Young Patriotic Nigerians (YPN)

We met a lot of irregularities when we came in as parliamentarians; some of those details I do not want to dish out, but within this my tenure I gave DAYP a direction and I think I would be remembered for harnessing the parliament.

So, having given it a direction, I am ready to step aside and pursue for higher callings and allow someone else to continue from where I stopped.

Given the prevalence of communal crisis and insecurity in Africa, especially your home country Nigeria, what is DAYP doing or hope to do in engaging different stakeholders towards ameliorating this crisis?

The insecurity in Nigeria is not only peculiar to Nigeria. The truth is that there is little or nothing we can do as individuals or as a body other than to keep pressurizing the government to take action.

Our mandate is advocacy and serving as some sort of pressure group. Consequently all we do is to keep putting pressure on the authorities to do the right thing and whatever they need to do in order to protect lives of citizens as it is the primary function of government.

For the northern region of Nigeria where banditry is high at the moment, we have always advocated for education, since we realized that it is because of the lack of education that these bandits can be brainwashed.

Observably, during the previous administration, there was this high surge of almajiri schools. At that time we understand the peculiar nature of things, and due to cultural or religious interpretation these things are halted.

Nevertheless, as a parliament we have different committees that tackle these things specifically. As the speaker of the parliament, what I ensured that these committees get all they need to execute their activities.

Again, we need to understand that poverty in the land is also a key factor in enhancing this crisis. Like I said earlier, our position is advocacy and we engaged those that are in charge, those that are supposed to handle these areas. We pushed our policies that are youth friendly, including preaching the SDGs, because the SDGs address most of these issues.

This is what we have been doing, we have been engaging when necessary and since we are privileged to be operating from the African point of view, we also engaged the embassies and the consulates.

“Stepping aside and going for a higher calling”; has your tenure ended and where would you be pitching your tent next?

Though I still have large time ahead of me as speaker, but I will be bowing out very soon so as to enable me pursue higher callings. I am moving from DAYP to the World Assembly of Youths where I wish to still continue to give my little quota in youth advocacy and policy making.

The World Assembly of youths is a representation of youths from all over the world. Like the name goes, it sure has a higher audience than where I am at the moment. I am moving there because I actually want to have a larger platform to push my advocacy, push my thoughts and champion my courses.

Actually, why I get involved with all these bodies, organisations and institutions is because I do not subscribe to violence as a way of engagement. As an apostle of non-violence, I have always tilted to the intellectual side and that is why I engage in more of advocacy.

Briefly highlight what Nigeria and Africa as a whole should be expecting of you at the World Assembly of Youths?

I would not be too specific with what they would be expecting of me, but my hopes are high and intend to steer the tide and draw huge attention to Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular.

Nigeria and Africa have peculiar cases and having someone at the world stage drawing attention to these peculiar cases will not be a bad idea. This is actually the reason I am going there and I hope to give in my best when I eventually gets there.

I Can Take A Pause, But I Can’t Stop; – Siya George Batubo

By Kennedy Eberechi.

She comes across as a very modest, may be even plain – a plain beautiful woman. And then she begins to talk, and the plainness about her dissolves and you catch your breath at her eloquence, her debt, her vision.

Siya George Batubo; the Creative Director of Seeyaa’s Clothings (SYC) is a perfect example of a youth persona, who has broken free from imposed and self-imposed blockades that usually dragged behind, most individual youths from achieving their dreams.

Very assiduous, focused and result oriented, Mrs. Batubo has for the last five years carved a niche for herself and her brand in the already over saturated fashion and clothing industry of Nigeria and beyond, and has overtime demonstrated her relevance and passion.

These she was able to demonstrate when The World Satellite Online Magazine encountered her not too long ago in Abuja, Nigeria.  During our chat with her, she took us on a voyage around the Fashion and Clothing Industry of Nigeria and beyond as well as how she has been able to penetrate the industry and sustained her brand for the past five years together with her aspirations for the years ahead.


I Can Take A Pause, But I Can’t Stop; – Siya George Batubo
Siya George Batubo; Founder and Creative Director, Seeyaa’s Clothings

Seeyaa’s Clothings Celebrated 5 Years in November 2020; What Does This Mean To You As A Person?

As a person, five years in this business is actually a very big deal for me because I have been through a lot of challenges. So having stayed five years, I am super grateful to God. Again my determination has kept me, I have always believed that I can take a pause, but I cannot stop, I can’t quit; that is one thing that has kept me till now because I know that quitting is not an option, stopping is not an option.

Nonetheless, there where times within these last five years when I actually paused for a while; I didn’t have any staff as it was just me. However, I would say that my determination and passion for fashion kept me and God too has been my source.

So, though it has not been easy, it is something that I am really proud to say that I have been in this business for five years and I am looking forward to even being in this business for up to 40 years and even pass it down to my children.

How Where You Able to Penetrate The Industry and Sustained Your Brand Over These Five Years?

Though I have people I look up to, I am not trying to be like anybody. Hence, am not under any form of pressure to do it like any person. So what has kept me is the fact that I am able to create my own designs.

Although the kind of fashion I do is fast fashion (ready to wear); something people can just pick up and go, which would be easy for me to copy someone’s style and make it sell,  I still try as much as possible to create my own designs myself and put it out there.

I think design, I breathe design and I sleep design. Anywhere I am I am seeing something to create in my head. I have so many ideas. Infact the Holy Spirit guides me, shows me what to do and I have so many ideas in my head.

Another thing that has kept me is our good customer service. I am not the kind of entrepreneur who would say no refund. For instance, if a customer has a problem with her clothes, she can always come and we will amend it for free. But, if it is something we cannot solve, we can refund.

We do not have strict policy of non-refund if the fault is from us; we have a very flexible return policy and we treat our customers very well.

I Can Take A Pause, But I Can’t Stop; – Siya George Batubo
Seeyaa’s Clothings at a Glance

Noticeably, within these five years, 85 percent of our customers are returning customers. Though we have new customers, but a larger percentage of our customers are those who have been buying from us for like two to three years now.

Some have even been there for five years and they are still buying from us. So I would say that our customer service is one of the things that have kept us in business as well because we spend so much in taking care of our customers.

What Are The Motivating Factors Behind This Your Passion?

My motivation is that fact that I love to see women look good. Seeing women look good makes me so happy beyond any explanation. Then seeing women look god in Seeyaa’s Clothings is another level of motivation.

It is so fulfilling to the extent that if I am having a bad day and someone sends me a picture of her wearing my dress, my heart will just melt and I will forget about the annoying day.

Another major motivation is in knowing that these clothes I am making make people look good and happy. Therefore, when I see women and children look that way, it’s fulfilling to me. More so, this is a business that I spoke to God about and how long I want to stay in it being what I want to do.

Thus, stopping because of one challenge or the other, or not doing the business anymore would be like me not accepting what God has done for me. This is because I always feel like God has kept me till now so there is no challenge I cannot face and I so much trust in God.

Consequently, no matter what I face, my motivation is that God and the Holy Spirit are there to guide me and so I really don’t have any issues.

What Do We Expect From You and Seeyaa’s Clothings In Five Years From Now?

In the next five years we are going to be a global brand. The plans we have is that within the next five years, every retail store that sells clothes; the way one sees the likes of  Zara, H&M in every retail store all over the world, that’s how Seeyaa’s Clothings (SYC)  will be seen.

Whether one is in US, Turkey, Australia, Canada, she will be able to see SYC off the rack in any retail shop and will be able to get it. So that is our aspiration for the next five years and I know we are going to get there, because we already have some wholesalers; people who buy from us and sell in the US. Hopefully we are going to get more of them.

We could not agree more! Describing Siya George Batubo as an epitome of resilience, innovativeness and hardwork could be an overstatement. A humble, respectable, and passionate individual; she remains a role model and source of inspiration to young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

QUEEN JANET AKOR; Driven by Passion

By Kennedy Eberechi.


QUEEN JANET AKOR; Driven by Passion
Queen Janet Akor; Queen of Federal Republic of Nigeria 2019

She comes across as a very modest, may be even plain – a plain beautiful woman. And then she begins to talk, and the plainness about her dissolves and you catch your breath at her eloquence, her depth, her talents and her vision.

Spurred by passion and determination, Queen Janet Akor; the current holder of Queen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a seasoned Beauty Queen and a Catalogue Model, who has broken free from imposed and self-imposed blockades that usually dragged behind, most individual youths from achieving their dreams.

From a background where modelling was seen as a waste of time and a sign of waywardness, Janet Akor hails from Benue State in Nigeria. She had her elementary education at St. Lois Nursery and Primary School, Benue State. She proceeded to attend the Goodnews International Secondary School, Benue State, and was later admitted into the Benue State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication.

Focused and result oriented, Queen Janet has overtime demonstrated her passion in supporting to develop self confidence in the young people and making them see the importance of skills acquisition before leaving school in addition to helping the less privileged attain a better life and education, which will set them on the right path to achieving their goals and dreams

Her zeal and passion towards galvanizing the interest for child rights and the less privileged became more profound when she contested for the 2019 edition of the Queen of The Federal Republic of Nigeria Beauty Pageant organised by Street Minds Empire (SME) The light-skinned trailblazer, who rode on the crest of the desire for the advancement, development and security of lives of the vulnerable, was crowned Queen after biting other contestants in intellectual assessments and cultural display.

QUEEN JANET AKOR; Driven by Passion
Queen Janet Akor during the Back to School and Clothing of the less privileged

Acknowledging the fact that being a Beauty Queen is not just about the funfair of the crown, the inventive and multi-talented Janet has continued to develop a robust platform to engage stakeholders at promoting child’s education and championing charity campaigns as veritable ingredients for socio-economic development.

A meticulous, innovative and strong team leader; as a testament of her will and commitment, shortly after the pageant, and in commemoration of the 2019 World Aids Day, Queen Janet collaborated with Anne Ozeng Aid Foundation to carry out a Medical Outreach. The outreach, which was carried out in Abuja was in recognition of the theme: “Communities make the difference”.

In a chat with her recently, she revealed that The Medical Outreach in commemoration of World AIDS Day, which tool take place in December last year, was is an important opportunity for her to recognize the essential role that communities have played and contribute her own quota to the ongoing AIDS response at the international, national and local levels.

Also, the involvement of Miss Akor in the Back to School and Clothing the Less Privileged Project in Benue State wherein she collaborated with Black Pearl Wig Hair by Tilda is inspiring, and further underscores her passion for humanitarian services.

Describing the event which took place at LGEA Primary School, Owner Occupier, Makurdi and UBE Junior Secondary School, NKST Wadata Makurdi as fruitful and fulfilling, the 25-year-old said: “The Back to School and clothing the less privileged Project gave me an insight on what showing love means and what it feels like putting smiles on people’s face. With the little given, we received more in terms of prayers and gratitude from the families of the beneficiaries. It was fulfilling and gratifying”.

QUEEN JANET AKOR; Driven by Passion
Queen Janet Akor; Beauty Queen and Catalogue Model

Undoubtedly, every kind gesture has an inspiration. For Queen Janet, the advancement of child’s right and social security for the poor and the needy in the society such as ours is one that cannot be over-emphasized, and the bedrock for viable Human and Material Capacity Development. “If I am in the position to help or reach out and I fail to do that, I would forever be restless; education is Key”, Queen Janet explained.

Furthermore, Janet who has previously participated in and won Miss Benue State University 2016, Miss Trade Fair Benue State 2017 and equally had deals of breath-taken poses for catalogues and calendars that include pictures of archetypal; has the vision to establish a foundation through which together with NGOs and philanthropists she would reach out to people professionally. She also looks forward to modelling for brands

Giving her passion and enthusiasm so far, Queen Janet Akor is a big boost to improving the already strong dynamism and functionality in redefining the essence of being a Beauty Queen.

  • Kennedy Eberechi is a Publicist; he heads Ken-Gbados Concepts Limited, and writes from Abuja, Nigeria. (07064715591,



Who Becomes the Next Provost for Federal College of Education, Obudu?

By Kennedy Eberechi.


Who Becomes the Next Provost for Federal College of Education, Obudu?

Federal College of Education, Obudu, Cross River State (F.C.E. Obudu) has been described as a top-ranking college of education in Nigeria and indeed the nation’s pride. The college, which was established in 1983, has grown tremendously. The NCE Programme stretches its academic disciplines and research across seven (7) schools and twenty-nine (29) academic departments. The college runs both regular and sandwich NCE programme for students in various disciplines.

Few months to the expiration of the tenure of Professor James Bassey Ejue; the incumbent Provost of Federal College of Education, Obudu, Cross River State, the political atmosphere of the College is stirring. Calculations and permutations are changing at a fast pace. Various aspirants are on their feet aligning, re-aligning and oiling their political cum academic machines to be named Prof. James’ successor.

In the midst of these highly respected aspirants comes Dr. Richard Ugbaha Utubaku, whom experts have consensually adjudged to be the most suitable in terms of the most important 3 – head criteria: Experience, Education and Personality. At a time when the best brains are needed to improve the already strong dynamism and functionality in our education system, it has become necessary for this man’s credentials to be laid bare.

From a humble background, Dr. Richard, who hails from Bebuabie in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State is a renowned academician, administrator and a strategist who is highly respected in the academic world for his leadership foresight, firm thinking and elder statesman status.

Since joining the academic world, he has steadily progressed through the ranks to his present rank as Chief Lecturer. Down the lane in his career, he was the Head of Department, Pre-NCE from 2002- 2004. He was later appointed Acting Director, Pre NCE from 2004 – 2006 and subsequently, Head of Department, Mathematics from 2007 to 2011. Later Dr. Richard became Director, Pre-NCE from 2016-2017, and then Dean, School of Secondary Education, Science Programmes from 2017 to 2019.

Who Becomes the Next Provost for Federal College of Education, Obudu?
Richard Ugbaha Utubaku; FCE Obudu Provost Aspirant

Some historic positions held by Dr. Richard include Chairman, Social/Welfare Committee, School of Sciences, FCE, Obudu; Vice Chairman, COEASU, FCE, Obudu-Chapter; Executive Secretary, Bekpam Development Association, Obudu; Patron, National Federation of Catholic Students, FCE, Obudu; Chairman; CRISSA Thrift Scheme; Chairman, Staff/Students Disciplinary Committee; Organizing Chairman, South – South Zonal Mathematical Competition.

Also, Chairman, Sub-committee in project Defense in Degree programme; Chairman, Committee of Deans, FCE, Obudu, Chairman, Staff Disciplinary Committee, FCE, Obudu; Chairman, Security Committee 19th NICEGA (Nigerian Colleges of Education Games), Obudu; Chairman, Students’ Union Government Electoral Committee; Chairman, 2018 NCE Accreditation Sub – Committee on schools/Departmental/Academic needs; Chairman, (Team A) Project Defense in Degree Programme.

Very assiduous, focused and result oriented, Dr. Richard has over the years demonstrated his academic acumen and leadership within and outside the state. His activities in community service are inspiring. He was a Member, Teaching Practice Committee; Member, Admissions Committee; Member, Academic Prizes and Awards Committee; Member, Staff Welfare and Development Committee; Member/Financial Secretary, Ultimate Foundation Social Club Obudu.

Others include: Member, Conference Committee, School Sciences, FCE, Obudu; Member, Degree Awarding Committee, FCE, Obudu; Redeployment to Lecture in the College Degree programme Unit; Degree Coordinator, Education/ Mathematics.

More so, he was a Member, Investigation committee on Threat to Life of Dr Michael Akpe; Member, Degree Accreditation Committee; Member, Investigation Committee on Threat to Life and Defamation of character of COEASU Executives; Instructional/Tutorial Facilitator and Project Supervisor, National Open University of Nigeria, Ikom Community Study Center.

Who Becomes the Next Provost for Federal College of Education, Obudu?
Dr. James Bassey Ejue; Provost, Federal College of Education, Obudu

Additionally, he was a Member, NCCE Investigation Panel on the Petition of Aniah Joseph of F.C. E Obudu constituted by Executive Secretary, Abuja, Deputy Zonal Coordinator South-South for Primary and Secondary Schools Category of Arena for Contest in Science, Technology and Mathematics in Nigeria (ACSTM).

A hardworking, innovative and strong team player, Richard’s success could be pinned down to good education and hard work. He had his primary and secondary education in Obudu, Cross River State. Subsequently, he proceeded to the Federal College of Education, Obudu where he obtained a National Certificate in Education (NCE). He further studied Maths/Education at Degree and Masters Level at the University of Calabar. To cap it all, he has a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.)  in Maths/Education from the University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

To his credit, Dr. Richard has written 22 Conference/Seminar Papers, 28 Journal Articles, 30 Book Chapters and 3 Text books. Furthermore, he is a member several professional bodies including Science Teachers’ Association of Nigeria (STAN), Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN), Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON), Association for Promoting Quality Education in Nigeria (APQEN), International Research and Development Network (IRDN), and National Association for Promoting Educational Innovations (NAPEIN), just to mention but a few.

Taking cognizance of the need for relaxation, Richard Ugbaha Utubaku squeezes out time from his busy schedules to engage in Football and Music. He is happily married with five children.

At 54, he has seen it all and given his achievements; is Dr. Richard Utubaku good enough to improving the dynamism and functionality in the Federal College of Education, Obudu for a better human development and the advancement of societies at large? your guess is as good as mine!

  • Kennedy Eberechi is a Publicist, he heads Ken-Gbados Concepts Limited and writes from Abuja, Nigeria. 07064715591,





Disclaimer: “The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Kennedy Eberechi and do not necessarily reflect those of The World Satellite. The World Satellite will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.”






JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels

Fitness, no doubt, is far more than simply exercising on a consistent basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical fitness is ‘the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies.’

In order to complete all of these tasks, one must consistently address their fitness levels. This requires proper conditioning through both structured exercise and leisurely activities. In this chat with Kennedy Eberechi, The Executive/Creative Director of FitnessFunNYoga; Jasmine Blessing demystifies the myths associated with Yoga fitness activities while exposing the health benefits therein


Jasmine Blessing: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Jasmine Blessing Enokela; Executive/Creative Director; FitnessFunNYoga

For the purpose of identification, I would like us to start by asking you to introduce yourself and what you do

I am Jasmine Blessing Anekole; a fitness instructor with specialties in Yoga fitness activities. I have done my Registered Yoga Teaching (RYT) Training course and so a certified Yoga instructor. Additionally, I have attended lots of Yoga retreat classes in and out of the country on how to be better at different types of Yoga sequences and styles. This is because as a Yoga teacher or instructor, to help understand the concepts and appreciate the different varieties of yoga types and styles I need to keep educating and updating myself. There are different levels in Yoga and I will be going to 500 level soon.

To the lay person, what is Yoga and what are the functions?

Yoga is the union of the body, soul and mind which brings it to one single form. It helps a lot to improve posture, increase blood circulation, increase attention span and improves memory. In addition, doctors in hospitals would sometimes refer a troubled child and/or those recovering from certain types of accident to Yoga activities to help them regain memory loss. This is because Yoga is all about attention.

Again, I have had in my class someone who walked to me after class and say “instructor I know you may not really know this, but before I started Yoga I used to have pile and it was really painful, but since  I started yoga, its being different.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Types of Yoga Explained 1)

So, one cannot even summarize the functions of yoga in a single term but generally, it helps the whole human being to give good health, good life to different class of people. Yoga could be likened to the old Ayurvedic Medicine which the ancient Indians do,

However, the main importance of yoga is that it aids flexibility. One thing I discovered on my yoga journey is that yoga helps in weight loss and it also helps to get the hips and thighs in shape. More so, it helps strong and tone inner thighs and aids bigger hips. Broodily, It helps to create mobility.

Highlight Some of the Popular Types of Yoga and Briefly Reflect on Them

Undoubtedly there are certain misconceptions about yoga wherein people describe yoga as having spiritual undertone. The truth is that there are lots of yoga practices going on; there is the spiritual level of yoga which not even every normal human being can unlock.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Types of Yoga Explained 2)

Notwithstanding, there are the popular types of yoga which we do as lay people; we don’t need to take it all the way. We have Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the type of yoga basically for beginners where they have simple sequences they could do.

Then we have the advanced yoga type called Vinyasa. In Vinyasa Yoga there are calculated sequences which one could do. It has some salutations (A and B) and lots of other types of sequences and yoga flows. Again, there is Laughter Yoga for people to just go and laugh and get all the health benefits through it.

There are also Myths about Yoga; people say yoga is not for guys. Now I ask “is healthy living not for guys?” In the ancient India it was men who started yoga and women were only allowed to practice yoga at a much later stage. But you know whatever a woman puts her heart to, she does it very well. That could explain why women are dominating the whole idea of Yoga.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Types of Yoga Explained (3)

Yoga seems to be More familiar in Europe and America, what are you doing to overcome this and other challenges in Nigeria and Africa at large?

Yes, I will agree with you that yoga seems to be more familiar in Europe and America, especially in India. However, there is a shocking revolution in this century; through the help of the internet lots of people are keying into what they see as the importance of yoga.

In Nigeria, particularly in Kaduna, when I started yoga; people’s main concern was that they were too old to start yoga. Nonetheless I have been able to do lots of education on the need to remove those stereotypes because yoga is for all body types.

Now I am even surprised at the rate at which people are beginning to take the health and fitness thing in Nigeria as a whole to another level. If you go out in the streets you will see lots of people understanding the concept of jogging, running, walking, to keep fit.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Yoga Split Pose Modelled by Jasmine Enokela

Also, it’s been accepting for a whole lot of people to want to start yoga. But the major factors that I can say throughout my field and study of yoga in Nigeria is the fact that people still believe in myths that you need to be flexible to do yoga. You need to be also a certain weight to start Yoga, but am glad that is all being discarded now because people are beginning to key in.

Another challenge is that, for instance here in Northern Kaduna, most of the women prefer doing Yoga within their house hold because they feel its haram to be out with the general public without their ‘abayas’ and men will get to see them and they don’t feel comfortable. Nonetheless they register and key into private yoga classes.

Generally, yoga in Nigeria and in Africa has improved and a lot of people are beginning to be aware about it; thanks to internet facilities and the global world we live in now.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Jasmine Enokela during a Community Yoga Outreach/End polio Campaign

Because of their peculiarities, do you have any project that enables the Rural Communities appreciate Yoga Practices?

Yes! with aims of taking Yoga to the grassroots and local communities, I started an NGO called Kaduna Yoga Project. With the help of the NGO, I added Community Yoga initiative to my yoga routine wherein I go to the grassroot with a team of 5 people consisting of a nutritionist, myself (Yoga Instructor), two aerobics instructors and one translator.

Periodically we visit certain communities with foodstuffs and other items from people who are willing to donate. On a certain date when we go to any rural community, we try to educate the people about proper nutrition.

It’s quite surprising that the people in the rural areas have better healthy life span than most of us who live in the city. Accordingly, we help educate them on how to use their natural resources for effective healthy living. Just in case they don’t understand the language, we always have a translator in our team who mediates.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Jasmine Enokela during a Primary School Community Yoga Outreach

After all these are being done, we now show them the importance of how to keep fit. We do simple yoga postures, we let them recreate even for children and adults and we just make it fun and after which we donate items to the community

We do follow-ups like one or two months later when we go back and do lots of fun activities with them. It’s amazing how through the Community Yoga initiative, I have been able to take Yoga into many grass roots.

Beyond this, I will also be teaming up with the state government any moment when the Covid-19 pandemic is over to take this bigger. We are already in negotiations wherein I have availed them of everything I would be needing and also the importance of the whole initiative. My team and I are working on how we can get the best of the initiative.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Yoga Posture Modelled by Jasmine Enokela

On a Larger Scale, how can the Government assist in making Yoga more viable in Nigeria?

The inclusion of yoga practices in some schools would be good for kids to understand their capabilities at a young age. I know we have Physical and Health Education in school’s curriculum, but I do not think that a whole lot comes from the practical aspect of it, just more of the theories. Therefore, if Yoga activities could be involved in our School curriculum it would really help.

Once more, in some schools that I do yoga classes for, the challenge these children face before then was that they were not able to sit for a particular class and concentrate. Since we started Yoga classes for them, we have had lots of upgrades and nice words from the kids.

Besides, I stay opposite the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital and I go there to help the patients with some yoga activities, which helps. Sometimes it serves as a physiotherapy treatment.

As well, I live beside a correctional facility where I also go to help inmates; I do all these for free. So, if Government can include Yoga activities as a normal standard practice in Nigeria, we would really go great places.

JASMINE ENOKELA: Unlocking New Fitness Levels
Jasmine Enokela; Educationist, Rotarian, Body Positivity Activist, Fitness and Yoga Instructor

Professionally How many years have u been doing Yoga and Looking back to all those years, how satisfied are you?

I started Yoga as a child but was off and on because of my academic pursuits. I started hosting classes and feeling free to share my online and private classes with the public in 2015. With that my confidence level went up and I started teaching professionally in 2016.

Looking back at all these years, Yoga is something that really keeps you on your feet. If for instance there are 500 yoga poses, I have only learnt like 100. Thus, am still in the mood to learn a whole lot more.

Yoga is an everyday thing and even if you have learnt all the yoga poses, there is a way you can now ‘funkify’ all these poses. For example, a recent yoga practice or style has been added, which is called hip-hop yoga. Initially one thinks Yoga is supposed to go with calm music, meditation and everything.

One Mr. Brandon Copeland started the hip-hop yoga movement where you get to play hip-hop music and do yoga as well with it just to make people comfortable and make it more accepting instead of using the conventional Indian sound.

I hope that in the future I will be able to incorporate Yoga styles that would be generally accepted by all yogis all over the world. Consequently, I am not as satisfied as I want to be and would still seek for satisfaction as the years go on; that’s the major aim of being a yogini.


Queen Mimidoo Uhundu and The Girl-Child’s Advocacy Campaign

By Kennedy Eberechi.


Queen Mimidoo Uhundu and The Girl-Child’s Advocacy Campaign
Mimidoo Williams Uhundu

Queen Mimidoo Williams Uhundu; the current holder of Face of Middle-Belt Nigeria has continued to implement her pledge of advancing advocacies and campaigns geared towards protecting and preserving the dignity of the Girl-Child through proactiveness in initiating and partnering on a number of women’s and Girlchild reproductive projects.

In the past few months since winning the Face of Middle-Belt Pageant, Queen Mimi has laid emphasis on various focal areas which include discrimination, exploitation, inequalities and violence in all forms.

Very assiduous, focus and result-oriented, her personal mission is to work towards widespread and availability of means, resources and opportunities for the curbing, redressing and eventual elimination of gender-based inequality in all forms.

As a testament of her will and commitment, the 22-year-old incorporated the Spring of Hope for the Girlchild Initiative Foundation; an NGO whose vision is to create an enabling environment where the rights of women and other vulnerable groups are guaranteed.

Under this platform, the Benue-born beauty queen has carried out several advocacy campaigns and outreach programmes to ameliorate the plight of women and the venerable, while developing consciousness of their dignity, especially the Girlchild.

Worthy of mention are the International Women’s day Celebration with Internally Displaced Persons at Daudu Camp Benue and Sensitization on Menstrual Hygiene, to stress the need for proper hygiene and also highlight the consequences of poor menstrual hygiene.

Beyond this, during a recent exclusive chat, Mimi expressed her desire to explore the use of the media of mass communication as instruments of social mobilization and enlightenment to continue to call on government and stakeholders to take proactive steps in tackling the persistent barriers against gender quality and recognize the enormous potentials of women as the society is driven by their existence.

Queen Mimidoo Uhundu and The Girl-Child’s Advocacy Campaign
Queen Mimidoo; Face of Middlle-Belt, Nigeria at the International Women’s day Celebration with Internally Displaced Persons at Daudu Camp Benue

On-the-one-hand, Miss Williams who has been upbeat at discovering and encouraging talented female youths in Nigeria and beyond to participate effectively in championing gender empowerment campaigns in Nigeria underscored that girls are disappointed with the stewardship of our planet, the unabated violence directed against them and the slow pace of change in fulcrum issues like education.

Asserting that policies are needed that will promote equality in childcare responsibilities and provide State support to families, and those who work in the informal economy, the multi-awards winning Fashion and  Pageant Model believes as cause for hope, growing support in tackling gender-bias barriers; a ‘driving will’ for an equal world for everyone regardless of class or gender across generations and countries, while adding that the last 25 years “have shown us what is needed to accelerate action for equality.

Queen Mimidoo Uhundu and The Girl-Child’s Advocacy Campaign
Mimidoo Williams Uhundu; Model and Beauty Queen

“We don’t have an equal world at the moment and women and girls are angry and concerned about the future. They are radically impatient for change. It’s an impatience that runs deep, and it has been brewing for years”, the beauty queen noted.

Again, in the course of the chat, Queen Mimi clearly expressed that The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which has been described as the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing the rights of not only women but girls calls for a world where every girl and woman can realize all her rights, such as to live free from violence, to attend and complete school, to choose when and whom she marries, and to earn equal pay for equal work.

Queen Mimidoo Uhundu and The Girl-Child’s Advocacy Campaign
Queen Mimidoo stressing the Need for Proper Hygiene During a Sensitization Campaign on Menstrual Hygiene.

The Queen further explained: “In nearly 25 years, we have seen more girls move from dreaming to achieving. More girls today are attending and completing school, fewer are getting married or becoming mothers while still children, and more are gaining the skills they need to excel in the future world of work.

She informed that girls are breaking boundaries and barriers posed by stereotypes and exclusion, including those directed at children with disabilities and those living in marginalized communities. “As entrepreneurs, innovators and initiators of global movements, girls are creating a world that is relevant for them and future generations. There is need therefore to create an enabling environment and opportunities for the socio-economic empowerment of women”, Queen Uhundu added.

Queen Mimidoo Uhundu and The Girl-Child’s Advocacy Campaign
Mimidoo Uhundu; Multi Award-Winning Runway and Pageant Model

Another area of concern for Queen Mimidoo Williams Uhindu is the fact that despite these inherent attributes, women empowerment is still a burning issue in the polity. According to her, this is in recognition of the vast number of women with little or no education and skills to enable them support their livelihoods or to become active in the mainstream economy of the country.

For her; “when you invest in a girl’s education, there are vast social and economic benefits. Girls who are educated are less likely to become victims of violence and they are also less likely to become child brides and child mothers. Educated girls contribute to their country’s economic growth. The impacts are multi-generational, too. Women typically reinvest 90% or more of their income into their families”.

No doubt, the progress since the Beijing Declaration is remarkable, but Mimidoo still believes that girls around the world – especially those living in rural areas or humanitarian settings and those with disabilities – still need us to stand with them to achieve their full potential.

About Queen Mimidoo Williams Uhundu

Miss Mimidoo Williams Uhundu; the current holder of Face of Middle-Belt, Nigeria is a perfect example of a youth persona, who has broken free from imposed and self-imposed blockades that usually dragged behind, most individual youths from achieving their dreams.

About Queen Mimidoo Williams Uhundu

From a modest background, Queen Mimidoo Williams Uhundu, hails from Benue State, Nigeria. She undertook her secondary education in Makurdi, after which she proceeded to Benue State University where she has in view a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.

Prior to becoming the Face of Middle Belt, Nigeria, Queen Mimidoo has won several beauty pageants and has graced different runways. she was Miss Food Basket Heritage, Benue 2018, Miss Becky Arena 2014, and Miss Panel 2012.

Since becoming the Face of Middle Belt, she has been upbeat and visibly active at efforts to bring together partners and stakeholders to mark progress on the rights of the Girl-Child, and to equip girls with the power, knowledge and space to continue to voice their passions and concerns.

A hardworking, innovative and strong team player, amongst the issues that fire up her zeal and passion are education, equality, child marriage, access to services regarding puberty and sexual health and addressing issues around gender-based violence.

By and large, her Foundation; Spring of Hope for the Girl-Child Initiative Foundation is focusing on issues facing women across generations, with young women and girls at the center.






Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; – Sarah Benz

By Kennedy Eberechi.

African women have long been getting it wrong with artificial facial cosmetics and as a result, facial disorders are becoming a normal part of our beautiful black skin. Its time for us to consider the use of natural products because of the safety they offer our skin so that, even when we try them out, we have nothing to loose.

In the bid to get the best facial look, we have done ourselves more harm than good by diverting our attention from enhancing our skin to hiding facial defects caused by artificial cosmetics. Quite a number of the ladies simply make haste to buy creams they feel suit the skin of another, judging the efficacy of a cream on its price tag without realizing that a pricey jar of cream doesn’t necessarily give beautiful complexion. Smooth shining skin is not only a sign of good health but good grooming, which can be totally and safely achieved by going the natural way.

Against this backdrop, a skin therapist and an ex-beauty queen; Miss Sarah Akaazua, better known as Sarah Benz has enthused that every woman young and old desire the look of a super model without having to hid behind masks and layers of foundation powder.

Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz
Miss Sarah Benz; Ex-Beauty Queen, Entrepreneur, Model, Dancer and Student

The former Queen of Benue Tourism noted this during an exclusive chat wherein she expressed that while water therapy is still essentially important for enhancing a good skin glow, nutritionists have discovered that one could actually feed one’s skin by using nature’s gifts, which are readily available in the closest market or farm.

“Now, whether your skin is virgin or badly damaged, nature has something in store for you. So before making a list of facial care products you use regularly, sit back and consider these easy guidelines that are sure to give you a hundred percent face glow and leave you with a dazzling facial complexion”, she said.

Highlighting the guidelines, the Benue-born entrepreneur who manufactures organic soap, pink lip balm and glow oil for all skin types advised thus: “Carefully take into consideration your age and skin type before choosing your skin care products. This is because facial cosmetics that would work wonders in youths might not be as effective in adults or the aged. It is therefore wise to update your face care essentials, especially when its efficacy at a certain stage in your life is questionable”.

Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz

Continuing, Miss Benz; who is also a runway and pageant model recommended that the best way to ensure your skin remains supple, smooth and blemish free for a life time entails the morning and evening routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

“To get your desired result, doing this twice daily wouldn’t be going over board as cleansing will remove your entire make up residue, toning unclogs your pores while moisturizing will protect, soften and nurture your skin.

Every Woman Desire the Look of a Super Model; - Sarah Benz
Sarah Benz; Queen of Benue Tourism 2018/2019

“You can’t get a good result when you do your facials haphazardly so, here is your chance to learn these correct methods. Start doing your regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine by applying and removing products from the face using smooth outward movements.

“Mind you, it is absolutely unsafe to rub harshly as doing this pulls your skin and promote wrinkles. Applications of skin care products should always begin from the centre of your face, moving outwards to the right or left.

“Because of the tender nature around the eyes, care should be taken as you move from the inner part of the brow directly above the nose outwards to the side of the eyes. Carefully return inwards beneath the eye at the lower lid region back to the nose area.

“Now take your hands to the sides of the nose and move downwards, curving slightly towards the ears. Ensure that all movements on your face terminate at the ears to enhance excretion of excess oil.

“Listen again, each time you get to the ear lift your hands away from your facial skin and place it at the starting point for the next move. You will surely get the look of your life, so make it worth the while. It is never too early nor too late, you can look the best even now”, miss Sarah demonstrated.




10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

Android is right now the most popular mobile operating system, but if any other mobile OS that comes close to Android is iOS. Just like Android, iOS also has a massive app ecosystem and you will find apps and games of different categories in iOS.

Since everyone loves to play games on their smartphone, we have decided to share a list of best iOS games that everybody would love to play. So, in this article, we are going to share a list of best multiplayer games for the iPhone.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

This is one of the best games and most liked by car game lovers. The graphics quality of this game is just awesome. This is actually a car racing game that supports multiplayer in it. You can also play this game online with your friends.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

This is the Best iPhone Strategy game. It is actually a war game. In this game, graphics quality is also good. And there are new features added now that is the transformation of tanks etc. in it.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

The GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ is developed by the popular game developer “Gameloft”. It gives realistic driving effects to you while playing. You can unlock many cars bypassing the drivers’ test in this game. This game also provides an option to play the game online within your virtual media.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

As we all are familiar with Tic Tac, now time to play this game in your ios device. This game is similar to that game and you can play this game with your friends and can cross out many rounds in this game


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

Many of you must familiar with this cool game. This is one of the awesome 3D multiplayer game where you control an army of monkey warriors to fight against other contestants and more than 4 players can play this game at once and battle against other players from around the world.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

Monopoly is one of the best games which we have played in our childhood. So, if you want to relive the charm of Monopoly, then you need to install the game right now. You will experience the exact fun of buying a house, hotels, cars, etc. This is one of the best board games, which you can play with your friends or family.

7. NOVA3

10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

Well, if you have already played N.O.V.A. 3 on Android, then you will know the craze of the game. The game is very high in graphics, and the gameplay is quite addictive. N.O.V.A. 3 is one of the best FPS games in which you can play with your friends on the iPhone. N.O.V.A. 3 features unique weapons, unique upgrades, and better graphics compared to the previous version.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

Drive Ahead! is another best iPhone multiplayer game on the list which you will love for sure. Drive Ahead! is a monster truck game in which you need to knock other players in the head with a car. The concept of the game is unique and it’s full of fun. What’s makes the game more popular is its multiplayer mode which allows users to play with their friends.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020

Well, Clash of Clans needs no introduction as its one of the best and popular games, which you can play right now. The best thing about Clash of Clans is that it can be played with friends by joining or creating a clan. It’s a strategy game in which you need to build buildings, upgrade troops, and attack other clans. So, this is one of the best strategy games that you can play with your friends.


10 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2020Hay Day is another game on the list which is developed by Supercell – the same developer behind Clash of Clans. In this game, you strategically need to build your farm, harvest crops, trade goods, etc. This is not a battle game like Clash of Clan, but it’s definitely the best multiplayer game that you can play right now.



GLAM SURPRISE: Making Money out of Surprising People

By The World Satellite.



Glam Surprise

For the average mind, leaving a lasting memory one can never forget as a way of putting food on the table could be said to be a fiction. May be, one of those things we see in the movies. But Miss Pamela Ochanya Mathias; the CEO of GLAM SURPRISE is one lady who does just that. She makes a living out of surprising people on their special days and has been in the business in Abuja for about a year now.

Apparently Miss Pamela seems to be enjoying herself. In a chat with The World Satellite, the entrepreneur, student and model enthused: “There is nothing as fulfilling as leaving a lasting memory one can never forget, this is why I introduced a brand called GLAM SURPRISE. As the name implies (glamorous surprise), the whole idea is to help celebrate loved ones on their special days such as birthday, wedding anniversary etc., in a surprising way. Imagine waking up to a gSo far, it has been a beautiful experience managing the brand not only has it been fun but it has been good business”.

Glam Surprise
Miss Pamela Ochanya Mathias

Designer, planner, consultant and founder; Miss Pamela, who calls herself the ‘Universal Personal Assistant’ believes that experience is everything. According to her, Glam Surprise have had the pleasure of planning surprise birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and corporate luncheons for clients in a way they thought where impossible to achieve, except they take time off work to do.

No doubts, planning, designing and executing a corporate event or wedding takes professional expertise, but for Miss Pamela, putting together a big surprise party and making sure the person who knows nothing about it will be thrilled by everything from the decor to the guest list requires an extra set of skills. “This is where the skills of a good and extraordinarily qualified surprise event planner such as Glam Surprise is needed”, she added.

According to the 23 year old, planning an event and ensuring its smooth execution is a very laborious task, which requires a certain set of skills. Skills that generally involve being akin to spies with tons of articulation in planning and organization.

“Great interpersonal skills are the key to successful surprise planners. It requires a very special kind of person who is compassionate and professional at the same time. Surprise event planner must be reachable at all times, so as to keep the anxiety levels of their clients at bearable levels; for it is no secret that planning surprise events can much more stressful than generally assumed.”, Miss Pamela added.

Continuing, the 2017 Face of Tecno Mobile noted that despite the necessity of keeping everything top secret, the host needs to be certain the honoree will appreciate details such as the venue, the food, the cocktails and the theme. “Careful planning will help ensure the event, whether corporate or private, will come off without a hitch and excite everyone involved. If it’s going to be a surprise, make sure it’s a good one.

“People think it’s going to be easy to whip out a surprise party. To do it well, it takes a lot of planning and foresight. Remember, it’s all about the honoree, and it’s the job of the event designer to get the host to put his or her ego and wishes aside to keep the focus on what the guest of honor would most like”, Pamela explained.

Conclusively she informed that becoming a great party planner can be extremely rewarding, both, personally and on the professional front because it gets one an opportunity to build emotional connectivity with a number of people each other.




5 Tips On Human Resources For Small Businesses

Avoid overtime violations

Owners of very small businesses often do everything for themselves, including human resources. When this involves labor laws, employers must know the best practices. For more information you can check at <a href=””>Zoe Talent</a>

The main points of salary and hours to consider: knowing how overtime accumulates, taking into account state laws, classifying employees correctly, tracking time by hours and paying employees all working time.

Penalties for violating overtime laws can be very expensive and the Department of Labor (or whatever it is called in your country), conducts investigations routinely. To protect yourself, comply with the rules and keep accurate records.

Establish a responsible feedback process

Take the time to set up a feedback process for your company’s employees. Feedback is extremely important for the personal growth of employees, as well as for the growth of the company.

To keep employees engaged, human resources officials can encourage leadership  to provide employees with positive and constructive feedback.

If employees take the time to develop high quality work, it is up to managers and leaders to recognize their efforts and successes.

A simple handwritten note, email or even a cup of coffee to congratulate a team for a job well done is excellent for morale, and encourages them to continue their good work.

Know the law

It is important to understand federal laws when it comes to your employees. Basic functions such as security and protection, hiring practices, compensation and required benefits, work schedules and vacation times are swirling questions for any small business owner.

Once you have become familiar with these laws and regulations, you are ready to follow the next area of   focus.

effective human resource management

Ignore myths regarding Millennials

One of the smartest things that have been heard in recent years regarding the practice of human resources is to be aware of the ways in which you rely on Millennials in the workplace.

Millennials as a team, are completely dedicated to their work, eager to learn, are full of bright ideas and not afraid to share them. That is good.

General rule: if you can change “Millennials” in any of these statements for another marginalized group, and it sounds bad, don’t say so. Also keep in mind, whether you realize it or not, many Millennials stereotypes are specifically aimed at young women (being frivolous, taking selfies, being in frivolous tendencies).

Associate new employees with old employees

It is advisable to do everything possible to reduce the risks of wear and increase the chances of your new employees to find eternal joy in their new workplace.

Studies show that the most important thing we can do to substantially increase the hiring of a new employee during the predictable first months of employment, is to make him forge a relationship with someone within the company, who feel comfortable attending to questions and for advice.

This person does not necessarily have to have a direct report. In fact, it can be a partner, or a manager by level above them, in another department.

Having someone to whom the new <a href=””>employee</a> can turn, who can exchange ideas, measure the impact of company announcements, personalities, changes within management, etc.can serve as a barometer that can calm a newcomer when heated to the culture of the company.




SBOC Energy Services Limited is a wholly Nigerian-owned oil and gas servicing company providing effective and efficient service delivery and establishing reliable cordial relationships with oil & gas operating companies as well as first class financial institutions, while working with highly qualified management and technical personnel in their areas of specialization.As part of utilizing a wide range of administrative experience to effectively position SBOC Energy Services Limited as world, class organization, the board and management has officially announced the inclusion of the Nigerian – Ghana based Mr. Victor Ihochi Ngumah as one of the company’s directors.

Mr. Victor Ihochi Ngumah has been adjudged in Africa and beyond as a  perfect example of a youth persona, who has broken free from imposed and self-imposed blockades that usually dragged behind, most individual youths from achieving their dreams.

Sboc Energy new director
Mr. Victor Ihochi Ngumah

The Ghana based Mr. Ngumah, who hails from Ezinihitte Mbaise L.G.A of Imo State, Nigeria is a successful entrepreneur, an astute politician and administrator of repute. A boardroom guru with a wealth of experience, he has a proven record of success in administrative governance and business management.

Very assiduous, focused and result oriented; Mr. Ngumah has over the years demonstrated his quest to being one of the world’s promoters both locally and internationally. He is the CEO of a Multi-National Media Company; LUMEN MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, which has promoted many television broadcasting, events, specialized branding, entertainment bodies and individuals both in Nigeria and in Ghana. Lumen Media International is also the African representative of B&L Enterprise; a Multi Media Company based in the Texas, USA.

Beyond this, Victor Ngumah has received several recognitions in Africa and beyond for his impact in the society. He was awarded the Media/Showbiz personality of the year by City People Magazine during the 10th Anniversary of City People Magazine in Ghana. However the reward for his excelling contributions for a better society is not just in the plagues that dote around the wall, but it is in seeing the less privileged cared for, seeing equity in wealth distribution.

AdvertisementSupporting youths and women build back their economy and social life are some of the projects that fire up his passion. His foundations; ‘Lumen Foundation’, which sponsors and promotes young talents, and ‘Victory Foundation’, which focuses on grass root empowerment, underscore his passion for social security.

A hardworking, innovative and strong team player, Ngumah’s success could be pinned down to good education and hard work. He had his secondary education at the Prestigious Mater Ecclesiae Seminary, Imo State. Subsequently he proceeded to the Redford University College Accra, Ghana where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Given his achievements, Mr. Victor Ihochi Ngumah as one of SBOC Energy Services Limited’s directors is a big boost to improving the already strong dynamism and functionality in the Company.


Understanding the Economic Premise of Taxation

By Peter-Claver Onwudike


A country‘s tax system is a major determinant of other macro-economic indexes. Specifically, for both developed and developing economies, there exists a relationship between tax structure and the level of economic growth and development.

Taxation CalculatingAccording to the National Tax Policy published by the Federal Ministry of Finance, “tax” is any compulsory payment to government imposed by law without direct benefit or return of value or a service whether it is called a tax or not.

According to Nwoke (1993:1) taxation can be said to be the imposition of an obligatory levy or contribution of an individual or corporate donate by recipient, public authority. Two important attributes of taxation are that the levying authority possess the legal capacity to do so since taxation is a legal policy and it evolves an element of compulsion as opposed to voluntaries.

The bedrock of industrialization and economic development of any country is government revenue. How much of this revenue is contributed by tax? According to Nwoke (1992:12) in all, taxes constitute about (75%) seventy-five percentage of regular government revenue and about ¾ of public expenditure is founded from tax revenue. As a major instrument of public policy, taxation can be used as protective, allocation, and distributive or stabilization instrument. Taxation may be employed to expand, stimulate, restrict, or regulate the economy depending on the direction the government wants to.

One may be tempted to question the rationale behind government intervention in the economy especially the capitalist economy Where the invisible hands of market forces should have been allowed to arbitrate as it deems fit. The simple reason for government intervention is that it’s necessary to bring in some form of administrative control in the economic system. The maker mechanism above cannot perform all the economic functions.

FIRS buildingTax as a major source of revenue in Nigeria content calls for greater attention in both state and federal Government Budget. The tax collected from all sources comes back to taxpayers in form of social amenities provided for them. Income tax has private sector depending upon whether the policy of the government is geared towards discouraging or encouraging such companies. It reduces the net return on investment and decreased balance available for unnecessary private saving.

Taxation is an all-pervading subject which affects the lives of everybody and no major accountancy or legal problem can be satisfactorily sowed without consideration of its tax aspect. Taxation is important to businessmen who enjoy the benefits of these essential amenities provided by the government.  Income tax has its own merits in the personal relief granted to taxpayers. Tax is also used to allocate resource for the production of social goods.

Social goods are goods whose benefits are not limited to the consumer who purchases it as in the case of private goods. Through taxes funds can be allocated or denied in producing certain private goods. These corrections are done through tax policies, tax holidays, and acceleration of capital allowance dating drawbacks excess profit tax.


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