By William Ikhiansinomihe Orbih.   It was about 7:30 am on Wednesday, and all was set for the journey from Abuja to Benin to begin. The fourteen-seater bus was filled with passengers. The much-experienced driver took his position behind the steering wheel. For the past ten years, he has been […]

By William Ikhianosimhe Orbih.   Sadiq Daba is dead. Two movies remind me of him; so, I want to talk about them very quickly. The first is October 1, where Sadiq was the star actor. The movie won him an African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor. We all agree […]

By William Ikhianosimhe Orbih.   Up North was released in 2018; how come I am only hearing about it in 2021? Well, I have been so engrossed in books, pursuing endless degrees. I am yet to find them. Recently, I took some days off from my vanity. I went to […]