In a remarkable act of generosity and dedication to children’s education and health, Emmanuel Solate, the CEO of Showlate Entertainment Limited, known for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to empowering communities through education and health initiatives, sponsored a holiday lesson program for Makiv, providing extra academic coaching for the […]

A diphtheria outbreak in Abuja’s Dei-Dei suburb has ignited concerns about public health safety due to the disease’s rapid spread. The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has confirmed eight cases detected through testing. Diphtheria, characterized by symptoms like sore throat and fever, spreads easily through coughing and sneezing. The WHO […]

In a powerful and informative Instagram live session held on Thursday night, Miss Face Humanity Nigeria (MFOH Nigeria), Amb. Chika Ezenwa, took center stage as a guest speaker to address the pressing issue of period poverty in Health. The live session (Let’s Talk Period with Great), organized by the esteemed […]

Hepatitis B continues to pose a serious threat to global public health in many regions of the world despite the existence of effective vaccination. Around 257 million people are thought to have a chronic Hepatitis B infection worldwide, and 887,000 people pass away each year as a result of complications […]

Although a controversial event in the eyes of some, National No Bra Day has been running since 2011, with the message of raising awareness for the importance of breast cancer screening, recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer, and regular self-examinations in the fight against breast cancer, by encouraging women to […]

Marriage is a forever journey and so beautiful, and some pre-marriage medical tests cannot be overlooked. This is because It’s a celebration of love, commitment and true friendship. Thus, while all preparations are ongoing, an aspect you should never forget is your health status, both of you. Health status is […]

Toilet training is an important developmental milestone for children and is one of the first steps to becoming more self-sufficient. However, toilet training can be challenging for both children and their families. The following tips from a physical therapist will help your child create good, lasting habits and avoid future […]

Abortion is a procedure to end or terminate a pregnancy that must be carried out by a licensed health care professional. In most parts of the world especially in Africa, abortion is considered illegal and punishable by jail term hence the rise of unsafe abortion procedures. Even the Church frowns […]

While talking about good toileting habits and what we do in the restroom might not be the politest conversation, it’s something that comes up for health and sanitation reasons. Going to the bathroom is just a part of life. We all have to do it, usually multiple times a day. […]

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