Forever donning a skull cap with a white moustache reminiscent of the African he-goat, Dr Chris Ngige cuts the perfect picture of a village palm wine tapper. But please don’t be fooled by his looks, the man is far more intelligent than he appears. Having presided over endless rounds of […]

As Nigeria joins other countries to mark the 28th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day with the theme ‘The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers’, Olusegun Fashakin examines teachers’ preparedness to lead the transformation. The parlance that describes individuals of greater values and contributions to the world, tagged to be GOAT (Greatest Of […]

I took the title “the swindle called independence” straight out of a 1975 article by Chinua Achebe. Arguably Africa’s finest storyteller of the modern era, Achebe knew how to tell stories and make succinct points. It is almost impossible not to agree with him. And even when you don’t, your […]

Ahead of the 2023 general elections I make bold to say that Nigeria is indeed ready for a female President; a Phenomenal Woman, a quintessential diva. A Woman of Substance, with a heart of gold, who is no other than Evangelist Dr. Ebiti Ndok-Jegede, originally from Cross River State, but […]

Obi and Ihedioha share the people’s affinity to the same degree. The reason why we love and support Chief Emeka Ihedioha is the same reason we love and support Mr. Peter Obi. They are presumably products of the people’s frustrations over the government’s protracted neglect in various forms. Some pundits […]

To emphasize legislative experience, the ranking rule practice states that the more a member stays in the chamber, the higher his or her ranking status, which is considered in the occupation of positions of responsibilities that include the leadership and headship of some committees. The legislature plays important role in […]

To think that Prof. Uju Anya is a professor of African History, Linguistics, Literature, etc in an American university beats my imagination. How could such a character rise in a “saner clime” where the projection of such intense hate is an anathema? Terrorists are not just judged based on violent […]

The simple objective of this essay is to help Nigerians have a glimpse of what’s likely to happen under Peter Obi’s presidency. I’m not against him and do not wish to be dragged into the morals of supporting or not supporting him, it’s all politics. Politicians are like seasons that […]

Domestic violence remains an unfortunate feature of Nigeria. The statistics are very alarming. A 2013 CLEEN foundation survey reveals three very frightening facts. Firstly, one in every three persons who responded to the study was a domestic violence victim. Secondly, domestic violence has been on the rise in Nigeria in […]

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard that Ned Nwoko was a Federal Government Consultant on the vexatious issue of Paris Refund.  By training and personal attributes, Ned Nwoko is not qualified to be a consultant on matters of public finance and accounting. Apart from his famed libido for […]

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