Over the years, purses and handbags have become synonyms. Though there is no clear-cut way of differentiating them, we could agree that there are key differences between each bag., which could arise from personal or societal preferences. For instance: By Region The words are used very differently across countries. In […]

In our last edition, we dealt with how to care for some specific leather products such as handbags, purses, and travel bags. In this edition, we shall continue with how to take care of our leather products by looking at some other specific leather products. Leather Briefcases:  Maintain a briefcase’s […]

By Favourite Collections.   Last week, we talked about the everyday Care and storage of our Leather products. Today we will be looking at the specific leather products and their care techniques. This is because everyday care and thoughtful storage will go a long way in maintaining the life of […]

By taking this ultimate guide to leather care, you will uphold the value and maintain the appearance of your most treasured pieces. From handbags and purses to journals and wallets, we want you to enjoy your leather goods for a lifetime. From the moment they are crafted until they arrive […]

Handbags are every woman’s best friend. And why not? They accompany them through thick and thin all day long. But did you ever think that there could be more to these little friends of yours? Here are thirteen fun facts about handbags that surely will leave you fascinated. Did you know? […]

Bags are an investment that should not only suit your personality but also cheer your mood. They are undoubtedly women’s best friends when it comes to keeping all the essentials in one place. While there are a plethora of options in the market, finding the right fit for yourself could […]

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