ECOWAS, Military Intervention Amidst Tinubu’s Unpopularity

ECOWAS, Military Intervention Amidst Tinubu's Unpopularity

ECOWAS’ decision to deploy force in their attempt to restore Constitutional order in Niger is very unpopular in Nigeria, because most Nigerians consider Bola Tinubu as a more illegitimate President than the military junta he is planning to unseat in Niger, and I do not disagree with them on this.

However, the idea of military rule scares me stiff, not just because of its known despotic tendencies, but because it had been tested across most parts of the African continent and known to be a major failure.

So, I will continue to support anything to stop the military’s intervention in politics. I believe that if a military general becomes interested in taking up political powers, they should remove their khaki and seek the mandate of the people before they can rule over them.

However, as much as I support ECOWAS’ insistence on using force when other means fail, I will like to advise Tinubu to appreciate the reality of his unpopularity among Nigerians. At no time in the chequered history of our democracy have we had a President as unpopular with the people as Tinubu is.

ECOWAS, Military Intervention Amidst Tinubu's Unpopularity
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    Apart from the popular belief that he is a product of a corrupt electoral process and outright stealing, his policies in the last two months since he was sworn in have largely alienated the very few people who had the slightest confidence in him, such that should another election be held today, less than 30% of those who really voted for him in the last election will risk casting their votes for him this time around.

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    Tinubu has brought pains and retrogression to Nigeria. He acts like a man who is determined to punish the people for rejecting him at the polls, or a totally clueless kindergartener who was handed over the steering wheel, and he is driving everyone into the ditch.


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